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Pet Squid by Yu-kyo

Futa and Shemale Hentai at Futanari Obsession

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Ok, that’s it. Does anyone know what the hell this character’s name is? She’s someones OC on Hentai Foundry, but I have no idea what to call her. I wanted to mention her the other day in a post when I was talking about shemale and futa characters I liked, but it’s weird to say, “I love Mey Mey, Purgy, and that one chick…you know, the pale one with the carapace armor. You know her, right?” See, it doesn’t work.

If you are her owner please start branding her name so her fans know what to call her and so we can look her up via tags on Hentai Foundry. She’s a hot character and deserves to be seen. And btw, if she does have a name and I just don’t know it then that’s still a branding fail. At this point I can see a pic of Mey Mey and Purgy and instantly know what to call them because they’ve been called that a million times before. And btw part 2, I know she’s the owner’s character and they can do anything they want with her, but it would be a damn shame to let her fade away without a name.

[UPDATE] The owner left a comment below. Her name is Nosfentor

Yu-kyo ~ Hentai Foundry

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    8 Responses to “Pet Squid by Yu-kyo”

    • Felix:

      Why don’t we just nickname her for now? I can’t come up with any names, really but it’s better than calling her pale futa, unless we brand her that. “The Pale Futa.” Then she could be Phantom Futa’s Sidekick or friend or something… She could be an interesting character… I swear though, If someone steals that idea and just claims it I’ll be mad. xD Atleast mention me! Anyway, we might as well make up her nickname, post the comments, unless you know her actual name. Then by all means tell us!

    • anon:

      This is totally unrelated, but how do you feel about the whole Pirate Cashoo incident?

    • Futa Fan - Owner:

      @Felix – I was hoping the owner would let us know. I would love to do a cross over with her and the Phantom Futa but whenever I do something like that I like to have input from the other character’s owner too.

      @anon – I’m not sure what you are talking about. Feel free to email me. I’m curious seeing as how I have a $100+ commission out with her currently.

    • dirtybaron:

      Hello there,

      I’m the owner of the character. A friend of mine just showed me this wonderful entry. And I did not know that she’d garner this much attention. I am honored by this entry (as well as the previous entries involving her, after seeing them). Ever since I began commissioning NSFW images of her. I wanted to play my own little game of having others try finding images of her by themselves (some were successful and some were not).

      Her name is Nosfentor. A character I made way back in 2003 (and whose design was finalized in 2008). She is the main character of a non-pr0n sci-fantasy series I am still writing. She is canonically a hermaphrodite. She comes from a race of artificial life forms.

      Anyways, expect to see more of her soon and from time to time. And for you guys, the upcoming pieces shall have her name tagged.

      @Futa Fan: Sure, a collab/cross-over would be most wonderful. Send me your e-mail and we could discuss on that and on other stuff at any time.

      – On a side. About Cashoo, I’m thankful that my e-mail probably got to her Spam box. Otherwise I’d be going Tazmania Devil for the rest of my life.

    • Futa Fan - Owner:

      @dirtybaron – Thanks for leaving a comment and clarifying her name. I’ll tag her as such for now on. She’s becoming pretty popular, you should have the artists you commission tag her name on Hentai Foundry too so people can search for her. I’ll email you asap. I’m leaving for a week long vacation today so it might not be until I get back.

    • Felix:

      Maybe an image of Nosfentor and the Phantom Futa double teaming bad guys? ;P

    • dirtybaron:

      Alternate versions

      @FF: You’re welcome. I’ll be sure to do so soon once I’m not very busy.Looking forward to your e-mail. Also good luck and have safe vacation! and most of all, enjoy it!

      @Felix: That’s a neat idea. However, Nosfentor’s rather…. bloodthirsty. She does have a lot of enemies, but she meets most of them only once (I’m sure you know what happens to’em!)

    • […] name is starting to show up on the commissioned pieces. If you remember about a month ago I made a public plea to her owner to start branding her name (it’s hard to tag her as “pale futa”) and […]

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