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Plum Ardour: Petal Drop Stance

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Peace did not come easily to Nippon, especially during the inception of the Chrysanthemum Throne. But the Throne was determined to eliminate its opponents and other potential dissidents. It sanctioned the creation of a group of assassins, specifically for this task. Many of the clan chieftains who opposed the Throne, quickly fell to foul play. The only evidence linking the deaths together were the numerous cherry blossom petals sprinkled over the various corpses. Of note were the ones that were decapitated, seemingly from a quick draw strike or nukitsuke off a ninja’s kodachi small sword. Those who were left alive, were cowed into submission. The assassins’ existence was never proven. However, the general populace gave them a name, Sakura….

Exiled to Cathay, Plum Ardour met her match during a duel with the leader of the Floral Blossom Sect. This woman managed to repel all of her killing strikes. Then as she revealed herself to be another Flower Maiden, she forced her way past Plum Ardour’s rear sphincter and started assaulting her internal energy centre. There would be many more forced ejaculations under captivity. But over time, Plum Ardour found her internal energy pathways strengthened by her captor’s actions

The Sect leader taught Plum Ardour how to improve on her already fleet footwork, as well as adding an increased repertoire of swordplay moves and exercises for cock vitality. When the time came to swear fealty to her new Flower Maiden superior and the Sect, Plum Ardour was combining all three aspects into a more satisfying method of assassination.

– Naughtyboy

Art by Garik Aliev ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Deviant Art ~ Tumblr ~ Blogspot
Story by Naughtyboy ~ Hentai Foundry
Plum Ardour belongs to Naughtyboy

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