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Plum Ardour: Shattered Sky

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A career kunoichi would have taken on many guises in order to complete her missions. Maid, seamstress, peddler, travelling performer, cook, courtesan…

She would also find herself jumping up onto rooftops a lot.

All manner of kunoichi exploits took place on rooftops. From scouting the lay of the target’s stronghold, to gaining access into a building for espionage. Even actual combat. One kunoichi was said to be so good at seducing her targets, that she actually developed passionate feelings for them during their orgasmatic encounters. No matter how many weeks or months were required, she saw her missions through to completion. Then with all the irrationality of a jilted lover, she would keep chucking small shuriken at her targets’ heads from the rooftops. Giving them headaches to remember her by.

Plum Ardour had a well-honed hijutsu jumping technique in her previous life as a Sakura kunoichi. She didn’t have much cause to jump onto rooftops when she first arrived in Cathay. Then to her chagrin, she found out that there were a lot of martial arts poseurs here. All of whom loved jumping around.

She was proficient with dual blade techniques, after continued use of her twin Duo Jian. Although she had achieved closure in her heart with regards the loss of her treasured nodachi, she was now unable to use the trusty Nippon curved blade techniques it once afforded her. So in her role as Commander of the Imperial Palace Guard, she commissioned the Palace armourer to fashion two long Dao or curved swords for her.

Cathay cuisine was a marvel, even at this juncture of history. There were many specialty restaurants spread throughout the land. The best ones also doubled as inns. But where there were restaurant/inns, one would find martial arts poseurs. In fact, each establishment seemed to attract its own resident poseur.

Imagine a typical scene as depicted below, to be immortalised in “Chop Suey” kung fu films, hundreds of years in the future.

A beautiful lady in white, partaking of wine and food in solitude at a corner table upstairs. This lady catches the eye of a poseur, already in possession of too much alcohol and libido. The fact that she has two sheathed blades next to her, is not lost on him. Lewd comments about women with swords, are made in her direction which she ignores. And continues to ignore. This infuriates said poseur who promptly flips the lady’s table. Said lady, having been in this situation countless times, saves the wine bottle from being smashed. Although there is now food thrown everywhere, her clothes are still pristine. However the windy draft created by the movements of the two, reveals a bulge underneath the fabric covering the lady’s groin. Several derogatory remarks about Flower Maidens, are fired her way. An ice-cold glare is thrown back his way. Along with a verbal warning that no further insults will be brooked, unless he wishes to be fed his manhood.

History will record that this particular poseur demonstrated extraordinary quickness, an exponent of the Fondlesome Snatch Technique. Only a heartbeat passes before he brings his hands to bear on the Flower Maiden’s genitals. But it is too late. Even before he manages to grab ballsack, the white flash of a kick sends him flying out beyond the balcony. He crashes into the melon stall in the street below.

Groggy and with his jaw broken by the kick, the poseur looks back up. He sees a white seething mass of fury jumping out of the balcony. Gleaming eyes and silver blades drawn.

It is the last thing he will ever see…

– Naughtyboy

Art by Garik Aliev ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Deviant Art ~ Tumblr ~ Blogspot
Story by Naughtyboy ~ Hentai Foundry
Plum Ardour belongs to Naughtyboy

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