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Poison From Final Fight Cums On Chun Li’s Face

Poison From Final Fight Cums On Chun Lis Face

Poison From Final Fight Cums On Chun Li's Face

If this is what happens when you lose a fight to Poison in Street Fighter I would never want to win. It sort of makes it a win/win for both parties lol. Little known fact: It is official cannon in Japan that Poison in Final Fight (and later Street Fighter) is a pre-op transsexual so she really does have a dick! That fact was omitted when they released Final Fight in America though. Those crazy Japs and their love for futanari.

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    8 Responses to “Poison From Final Fight Cums On Chun Li’s Face”

    • Vyce:

      The truth about poison is that she was originally conceived as a girl. Capcom of America didn’t like players hitting girls, so they changed her character to that of a pre-op tranny. After that, Capcom still didn’t like that, so they changed the sprites to guys in the SNES version.

      Capcom would rather kids know of pre-ops than hit girls. Go figure.

    • Futa Fan:

      But wasn’t Poison in Japan always a futa?

    • Vyce:

      America either didn’t know that, or changed the Poison Sprite into a guy, Billy, because of it.

      It was later that they made the change to Poison.

    • Xorienne:

      this has always been a favorite of mine because i hate chun li and i love poison….. that and the look in her face from that cumshot. god man im dyin. though odd as it may seem i am most impressed with the placement of the sweat drippings. from experience i must say the artist is rather accurate.

    • asura:

      uncensor please

    • UnoriginalUsername:

      Gods, I love Poison. She’s, like, my favorite futa/shemale/whatever ever.

    • maxwell:

      who makes this masterpiece?

    • Midori:

      Poison has always been a shemale. The original Japanese Final Fight manual states that she is a newhalf. The American version has been incorrect from day one, so just ignore anything Capcom of America says.

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