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Poison getting fucked in an alley – Art by Kalevra

Poison getting fucked in an alley - Art by Kalevra

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

I don’t know if I’ve turned a new leaf or what but I seem to be posting more 3D futanari hentai lately. And. of course, by “lately” I mean I’ve now featured two images in the past year, this and the one by RDR (Click here to see it). That shit cray! In my defense, this rendering does feature our beloved Poison and you know I can’t pass up anything with her in it.

When I saw Kalevra post the non-futa version of this rendering on his Hentai Foundry a few days ago I crossed my fingers that he would be creating an “alternate” version (although some might argue that the non-futa version is in fact the alternate version lol). And here we are, the futanari gods smiled upon us! Oh how I wish I was the guy pounding Poison’s sweet ass right now!

Thanks Kalevra, for keeping her in the public eye. We can never have too much Poison hentai in our lives.

Click here to see more hentai by Kalevra at

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