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Poison cumming in Cammy’s mouth by Jiang Shi

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“Yea, Cammy! You take that load and swallow it!” is what I imagine Poison is yelling right now. Not a bad way to lose of you ask me. I’d take Poison’s Ultra Combo to the face any day of the week. Wouldn’t you?

As a side note, I gotta say I love the fact that Jiang Shi only allowed us to see the bottom of Poison’s areolas. That’s a fun little change of pace from her being completely nude or topless or something. I like peek-a-boo nip shots and underboobs so that’s right up my alley. Well, this whole pic is right up my alley, but you get the point. I hope Jiang Shi does another poison pic soon because I absolutely love the way he draws her!

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