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Pole Dancing Poison by Ganassa

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Originally I was going to post a second picture today, as is usually the protocol when we feature The Phantom Futa, but then I saw this pic of Poison by Ganassa and changed my mind. Maybe it’s because the image is so vibrant and colorful or maybe it’s just because I love Poison (and Ganassa’s artwork) so much – Either way I wanted to jump on this before Rexxon beat me to it 😉

By now I shouldn’t have to tell anyone how much I love Poison (she’s the covergirl for our entire niche after all), but I will say that Ganassa is one of my favorite Poison artists around. I like how toned-yet-feminine he draws her. My only complaint about this piece is that I wish Ganassa gave her a little tuft of pink pubic hair like he did with the female variant. Usually I like my futa’s a girls clean shaven but for some reason I find Poison’s pink pubes very hot. That’s an incredibly minor detail though and shouldn’t detract from the overall rendering in the slightest.

Enjoy the pic and don’t forget to tip the dancer!

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    4 Responses to “Pole Dancing Poison by Ganassa”

    • FutAfaN:

      only one word. perfect.
      perfect boobs, perfect cock, pretty face.
      if only she had a little bit thicker thighs and no balls, i’d fap to her 24/7. and if she’d be real i would definitely never let her go, i’d please her cock everyday. too bad though. would love to taste her everywhere.

    • Kenjoe:

      Can someone PLEASE tell me where this club is. I need to put my application in as a fluffer. I would make sure every lady there is oiled up and “ready to perform.” No one wants to go to this club without seeing dripping hard futa cock. And that’s where I cum in. Pun intended. I would have a seat by the stage door so I could lick, suck, and kiss as much futa cock as possible. The worst part of it would be that I wouldn’t get to finish them off. Well, maybe they could do a circle jerk for me at the end of the night. Time to update my résumé.

    • MilkMonster:

      Kenjoe, that seriously sounds like heaven. I would love to just hang around and suck futa cock all day. The taste of precum and sweaty shemale balls constantly on your tongue. What a life!

    • Jonnycake:

      Poison: my dream girl 😀
      @FutAfaN; if there are no balls where does the cum come from?

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