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I love this picture for what the title sort of suggest, the colors. Each of the three girls has their hair, eyes, and lips all the same shade but each girl a different color. Red is getting the particular attention from the blonde futa and blue what I’m presuming is a female aswell because I see no particular extra appendage. Blue is knuckles deep into red’s honey pot and Is watching as her juices run all over yellows cute face and onto her small tongue held out for the occasion. Yellow is sort of squiting giving off a sexy allure and has came all over red’s face and boobs aswell as it dripping down her own thick member.

I think I should take red’s spot, but I would prefer yellow on top and blue on the bottom for our session. That is how I am going to dream it tonight anyway.

– Stephanie

Art by Natsume ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Twitter ~ Website

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