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Prize or Punishment? by MrDoodles

Prize or Punishment? by MrDoodles

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

I feel like a goddamn broken record lately but I must tell you guys that I unfortunately had to crop the shit out of this picture by MrDoodles. Here’s the un-cropped, resized image so you can at least see the correct composition of the piece.

Prize or Punishment? by MrDoodles

I felt bad that I had to cut out MrDoodles’ signature, on the right, but as you can see from the thumbnail it’s barely legible at that size anyways.

Like most people, I was blown away when I saw this illustration on Hentai Foundry. One look at “Prize or Punishment?”, in all its hi-res glory, and there’s little wonder why it became a “featured picture”. It’s a good thing too because I almost forgot about MrDoodles. Of course it doesn’t help that he hasn’t done a futa pic since the Wonder Woman one he did a year ago. At least that’s all I’ve seen, if there is anything else out there please let me know. I really hope MrDoodles keeps creating futanari hentai, however infrequent, because as you can see he has quite the knack for it!

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