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Prunus Persica by Green Griffin

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I actually cannot recall if Green Griffin has ever had a piece posted here on Futanari Obsession, but if not it’s long overdue.

[NOTE – I did one post a long time ago but didn’t tag it as ‘Green Griffin’ hence why Rexxon couldn’t find it. My bad. – Futa Fan]

This showcases everything I love about her work. The soft shading and colors, the lush curves of the futa girl’s lactating breasts, her dazed and almost hypnotized expression, the way her tongue is licking her lips, her thick jizz-squirting cock and fat erect clit, the tentacles draping themselves over her body. Marvelous!

Sadly, she hasn’t been posting art in quite some time but her works are still gorgeous and worth a look at! Go give her some love!

– Rexxon

Green Griffin ~ Hentai Foundry

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