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Purgy Sex Room by Vitalis

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Holy hellfire these hoes are hot!

I saw this picture and cock jumped to attention and my balls clenched tighter than a miser’s coin purse! The ever-famous Purgy and a futanari demoness toying with a sexy little trap means that there are stiff dicks, tight asses, and jiggling boobs aplenty! Also loving the deep reds in the background. It sets a hellish and sinful feeling to the picture that adds a naughty topping of vice to everything. The she-devil’s in the details after all! So be sure to fullscreen this picture and soak in the glorious tightness of their ballsacks, the tiny flecks of cum splattering, and the open-mouthed coos of the futanari as they blow their loads into and onto their trap lovetoy.

Vitalis keeps turning out some mindblowingly awesome futanari works so be sure to fave and watch him. I for one can’t wait to find out what erotic masterpieces he creates next!

– Rexxon

Vitalis ~ Hentai Foundry

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    2 Responses to “Purgy Sex Room by Vitalis”

    • purgy:

      Always sexy in this room and love the coloring that Vitalis did in this pic and you are right about the red in which it brings this pic out more. And just love a sexy trap getting dominated by two huge dick black shemales *mmmmm….mmmmhmm* Delicious.

    • pam:

      Wish I was that trap

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