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Queen of Bladez by 34san

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In case you somehow missed my last post on the subject, let me just say I absolutely love Sarah Kerrigan of Starcraft fame!

This time, we get to see the sexy yet lethal Queen of Blades in full-on Zerg mode courtesy of the masterful 34san!

Now you might say that the razor sharp bone talons sprouting from her back, the carapace armoring her body and the tentacle dreads are turn-offs. And maybe you’d be right if it were anyone else.

But let me reiterate: This. Is. Sarah. Motherfucking. Kerrigan.

I will plunge my face into that deliciously round ass, suckle those lovely balls, peel back that bunched-up foreskin and worship that yummy cock. And I will do it with a smile on my face!

I opened this on my laptop first, then immediately went to connect to my larger monitor so my eyes could take in that massive booty!

So if you’re viewing this in a smartphone or a laptop or whatever, find the biggest screen you can and get some fullscreen up in dis bitch!

Your Queen commands it!

– Rexxon

34san ~ Hentai Foundry

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