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Random Acts of Tentacle – Mass Erect

Random Acts of Tentacle - Mass Erect

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I don’t know how many of you follow the ‘Random Acts of Tentacle’ comic series by Tentacle Monster Chu at but they are pretty freakin’ awesome. I posted one before called Time Stop and Bop that a lot of you seemed to like but let me tell you, this one is hotter! The second page was just released on the site and if you are a member you should definitely go check it out.

Now don’t get mad but I can’t post the second part of the comic. That’s because there would be no need for anyone to sign up to CutePet and thus I wouldn’t make money on the sale, money that I use to pay for Futanari Obsession’s server and commission Phantom Futa pics with. I’m just putting that out there because I do get a lot of emails asking me why I don’t post every picture Dmitrys or Reiq or someone has on their site. Really? Come on.

When I do make an obvious advertisement feature like this one I try to at least make it a post worth reading and I try not to hide the fact that it is what it is. Plus by now you guys should know that I don’t promote websites that I don’t personally believe in myself and I definitely believe in CutePet. If you like what you see I encourage you to sign up to CutePet and check out the second part of ‘Mass Erect’, you’ll be supporting two great websites!

Click here to read part 2 at

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