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Redhead ramming a blonde by Dechanique

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There’s “flexible” and then there’s “fllleeeexxxxx-ible”. The blonde in this picture seems to be a shapeshifter of some kind, judging by how she’s coiling her arms and legs around her futanari lover. I bet her shapeshifting also means that her pussy can clamp tight on her redheaded lover’s cock. Maybe do some interesting rhythmic swirling and squeezing to tease and pleasure the entire shaft. The redhead pounds away and her arousal builds and builds, but the blonde clamps off the cock at the base and refuses to let it cum until the last moment. Finally, just as the redhead is about to explode from the pressure, the blonde releases and gallons of gooey baby-batter pour forth, flooding her pussy and trickling all over the legs of both nubile women.

Dechanique did a great job with these two ladies and I really like the look of the ink and markers used to draw and color the image. It lends a unique look to the image that compliments the characters beautifully.

Be sure to tell Dechanique you like her work and maybe we will get to see more of her sexy futanari in the future!

– Rexxon

dechanique ~ Hentai Foundry

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