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Futanari Rehab by AKA6

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Someone point me to the asylum where overly-libidinous, perpetually-horny, hole-hungry futanari girls are kept under lock and key!

AKA6 has done a gorgeous job on this picture! I especially like the amazing “chastity straightjacket” that’s keeping Henrietta (and her tits and cock) so tightly, bulgingly restrained!

On a tangential note, this asylum must have a damn good budget if they can afford to have a portal device installed so that their crazy futanari patients can therapeutically fuck themselves up the ass! Henrietta’s really on a tear too! She’s actually fisting herself while fucking her self! Just squeezing her left hand into her ass along with her beefy cock! Her right hand on the other…err…”hand” is busily groping her huge, ample buttcheek.

Maybe the asylum videotapes and sells their patients’ “rehabilitation sessions” and that’s how they support their budget. Hell I’d buy it 😛

– Rexxon

AKA6 ~ Hentai Foundry

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