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Resident Evil: Project FutAlice by Rexxon – Pic by Thriller

Project FutAlice by Thriller

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Resident Evil: Project FutAlice
by Rexxon

Summary: Alice is transformed into a futanari by Umbrella’s experiments. Thankfully, Jill Valentine and Rebecca Chambers don’t mind at all! (set between Apocalypse and Extinction, written for DirtyDale)

Excerpt from Chapter 3:

Feeling the blood rushing to her cock, still stuffed tight into her pants, Alice fought the instinctive urge to cross her legs. “C-can I get a smoke?” she stuttered, desperate for a distraction. Jill nodded and passed her a pack, then lit a match for her. Fumbling in her haste, Alice drew out a cigarette and placed the tip into the flame.

Taking a much needed drag from her cigarette, Alice did not notice as Jill snuck around her back. Alice gasped as Jill’s hands slipped under her top, cupping her modest breasts, kneading the soft mounds. The cigarette fell from her mouth as her jaw dropped. “J-Jill?” Alice exclaimed. “What are you doing?”

“Shhh…” Jill quieted as she planted a line of gentle kisses from Alice’s collarbone and up her neck, all the while continuing to rub Alice’s breasts. “I know you want this as much as I do.” Jill said. “Don’t think I didn’t notice you checking me out.” She added. “I was a cop you know.”

Alice was enjoying Jill’s massaging and kissing too much to voice a reply. Her skin, still cool from the shower, tingled pleasantly as Jill’s warm palms pressed against her and every spot Jill pressed her lips to her body felt as though it had been electrified. “After all that death, all that pain, I just want one moment of pleasure” Jill whispered sensually between kisses, though her words were also tinged with sadness.

When Jill reached Alice’s ear, she nibbled on the lobe. Alice gasped sharply again as her member sprang to attention, straining against the tight fabric of her pants. She crossed her legs over her penis to keep it out of sight, but the motion caused it to bend awkwardly. The slightly painful sensation aroused her further, causing her cock to harden even more. Biting her lip in frustration, Alice whimpered, certain her cock would resemble a pretzel before long.

Unaware of Alice’s inner turmoil, Jill’s hands roamed across Alice’s tight body. One hand tweaked and pinched Alice’s nipples, sending tiny jolts of pleasure into her chest. The other hand rubbed slow circles down her taut abdomen as it drifted towards her crotch.

Eyes widening in alarm, Alice twisted around and drew Jill into a deep kiss. Caught off balance by Alice’s sudden movement, Jill stumbled until she hit the wall at her back. Undaunted, Alice ran her tongue along the inside of Jill’s mouth. She could still detect the faint smoky aftertaste of Jill’s cigarette. Alice’s tongue met Jill’s and they entwined, shifting and twisting over each other.

As they pulled apart, Jill removed Alice’s top, exposing her slim chest. Turning around so Alice’s back rested against the wall, Jill lowered her head to Alice’s breast and suckled at it, tongue flitting out to tease the hard nub of flesh, earning moans of pleasure from the other woman. Dropping lower, Jill knelt at Alice’s feet and began reaching for her belt.

Before Alice could stop her, Jill had deftly unbuckled her pants and tugged them down to the floor, intending to pleasure her lover further. As the waist of the pants dropped past her crotch, Alice’s cock was freed from its prison of fabric. Forced into a curve by its confines and now released, the penis sprang up and out, slapping Jill in the face and smearing a trail of precum across her cheek.

Jill instinctively recoiled at the contact, then jumped up in shock at the sight. “You’re…a transsexual?” she asked in a confused tone.

“No. I am…was…a woman.” Alice panted, struggling to simultaneously catch her breath and explain. “But, when Umbrella caught me, they did something to me. Changed me. Twisted my body. Put this, thing on me.” She gestured at the cock swinging proudly between her thighs. “Turned me into a freak!”

Emotionally drained by the admission Alice slumped against the desk. Much to her embarrassment she began to cry softly as the weight of everything that had happened to her, from escaping the Hive to Umbrella’s experiments, came down on her.

Alice’s shoulders shook and she cried until she felt a hand tilt her head upwards. Looking at Jill’s eyes she expected disgust or maybe pity. Instead, she saw only a smile and a look of…acceptance?

Jill sat down at Alice’s side. She was silent for a moment before speaking again in a kind, but firm voice.

“Alice. You are strong. You are a survivor. You are beautiful.” She reached down to place a hand on the pulsing shaft of Alice’s penis. “This? This is a part of you. And that means it is beautiful too.”

Alice sat there dumbfounded when Jill planted another kiss on her lips. The first one had been passionate and needy. This one was tender and gentle, and Alice’s felt a sudden lightness her chest, as though she was freed from a heavy burden.

Breaking the kiss, Jill leaned over Alice’s cock, mouth open wide. Slowly, drool began to collect in the corners of her mouth, gradually spilling over and dribbling all along the shaft. Jill started to run her hands up and down the dick, while Alice could only groan as Jill’s spit-greased palms stroked her.

Spitting out a few extra wads of saliva for good measure, Jill worked to make sure the entire penis was well-lubricated. Stretching her jaw as wide as she could, she pushed her head onto the rock-hard prick. The head slipped past her teeth and lodged in the back of her mouth, causing Jill to gag. As Jill choked and gagged to fit more cock in her mouth, her fluttering throat muscles tickled the swollen head of Alice’s penis. Strange new feelings washed over Alice, zooming down her cock and into her core, driving her wild. Little sparks of bliss zipped into her nipples which grew so painfully hard Alice feared they might pop off.

Alice looked down at the woman pleasuring her just as Jill looked up at her. As their eyes locked, Alice’s heart skipped a beat. In the other woman’s eyes, Alice saw reflected all the pain, the affection and the pure hungry need she herself felt. And in that moment, something snapped.

Her lips pulled back into a predatory grin as her hands, which were lying at her sides, rose to grip Jill’s head. Grabbing handfuls of the woman’s hair, Alice pulled Jill’s head towards her and drove her pelvis forward. Her cockhead popped past Jill’s throat, causing her to grunt “HRGH!” in surprise as her air was cut off. Bucking hard, Alice shoved another precious inch of dick into Jill’s throat. Jill began breathing in time to Alice’s thrusts, running her tongue over the shaft as it slammed into and out of her throat.

Alice’s balls churned with their load and her gut tensed as her arousal reached its peak. Sensing she was close to her limit, Alice pulled out of Jill’s mouth with a shove. Flipping her around, Alice locked Jill’s arms behind her back. Pushing her to the nearby table, Alice bent Jill over at the waist. With her free hand, Alice yanked down Jill’s panties, revealing the other woman’s pussy, shiny and slick with her juices.

Alice brushed her dick against the warm, velvety folds of Jill’s pussy. Jill felt the cock of her lover touch her sensitive nether lips but never enter. So tantalizingly close, but so far, Jill could only moan in frustration.

“Yeah! Yeah! You like that don’t you? You dirty slut! You want this don’t you?” Alice whispered, her breath hot against Jill’s neck. She slapped Jill’s firm asscheek with an open palm, eliciting a shriek of pain and pleasure. Alice hungrily eyed the tight buttocks as they wobbled.

“What kind of cop are you anyway? Dressing in a tube top and a fucking miniskirt? You’re! Just! Begging! To! Be! Fucked!” Alice cried, punctuating each word with fierce spanks that turned the cheeks a rosy red.

Jill screamed with each spank, fire flooding her body as her arousal climbed higher and higher. “Yes! Yes! Please!” Jill panted desperately.

“Please what slut?” Alice asked as she positioned her cock-missile at its target.


With a half-crazed grin, Alice obliged with a single mighty thrust. Her cock slid easily into Jill’s warm folds, pleasure rocketing from her pussy. Alice made another thrust, and another, and another! Each slam sent new waves of warmth through Jill’s entire body, from her pussy to the very top of her brain. Alice’s pleasure was no less intense; she felt as though she was being engulfed in warmth as her dick pounded into Jill’s dripping sex.

Every nerve in Jill’s body sang in bliss, as heat bubbled up in her cunt. With one last cry, Jill came, back arching. Her juices squirted out around Alice’s cock, vaginal muscles tensing and clenching, pushing her partner over the edge. Jill’s scream was joined by Alice’s own grunt of rapturous release, as the burning in her gut boiled over and dropped into her groin. Her balls pulled taut and her cock spasmed, pumping out thick streams of cum into Jill’s body. Jill’s jaw went slack as warm goo flooded her innards and a sensation of satisfying fullness came over her.

Panting from the exertion, Alice staggered backward, her cock pulling free with a SHLORP, and fell to the floor. Cum leaked out of Jill’s unplugged pussy, dropping in rivulets down her legs and forming small glimmering pools on the floor.

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    4 Responses to “Resident Evil: Project FutAlice by Rexxon – Pic by Thriller”

    • Bolverk:

      Anyone else who didn’t notice Jill’s sizeable erection underneath the table at first?
      Anyways – I was really digging that excerpt, so I’ll definitely check out the rest.

    • Nick:

      jill is a female in the story. but she’s a futa in the picture?
      BIG hole in the story

    • RExxon:

      I wrote the story separate from the picture (which was commissioned much earlier) but I thought they still matched enough to be posted together.

      Sorry for any confusion ^^;

    • hornyfuta:

      i am a shemale jerkin at pic and story made me so wet and horny i cumin cumin feels so nice i want to fuck a girl or futa

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