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Resident Evil: Purgatory by Devil HS

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Now personally I’ve always thought the Resident Evil games were kind of stupid and I’ve never really liked them.

But you know what I do like about Resident Evil? The beautiful, beautiful ladies 😀

Apparently women in the Resident Evil world are just universally gorgeous. They also share a universal love of impractical clothing. From Jill Valentine’s tank top to Ada Wong’s dress to Excella Gionne’s backless, boobs-baring gown every woman in this series is just walking eye-candy.

And thanks to Devil HS and Purgy, we get to go from “sexy” to “cock-hardeningly mouth-wateringly hot”!…hey if Dr. Seuss did it, I can make up words too! XD

Purgy and Deborah Harper got a bad case of C-virus infec-…wait…”C-virus”? Seriously? Alright whatever, I’ll roll with it. And so the two mutated ladies decide to infect the lovely Ada Wong and the…kinda meh Helena Harper. Don’t worry though, Helena’s packing an upgrade now that she’s grown some prize-winning melons and a monster of a cock to match! And both these girls are getting their assholes stretched to the limit by Purgy and Deborah massive meatsticks. Hoping Devil HS finds time to draw a follow up when the two mutant beauties empty their heavy, cum-laden balls into their two captives. It’s gonna be a MESSSSSSS!!!

– Rexxon

Art by Devil HS ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ Blog

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