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Rogue and Storm jerking off Marvel Girl by Cyberunique

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CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At HentaiTNA

I can honestly say, without a shadow of doubt, that this is one of the hottest pieces of hentai I’ve seen in my entire life. No bullshit, for realsies – I’ve jerked off to this at least 100 times now. I truly can’t decide which part of the pic is may favorite though. I love the profile shot of Marvel Girl and her stunning legs, but I’m also really turned on by Storm cumming on Rogue’s back. My eyes don’t know where to look…it’s all so amazing!

Oh what I wouldn’t give to be sitting in front of Marvel Girl’s cock-cannon right now. I’d open my mouth and take every drop. Then I’d walk around to the other side and go balls deep in Storm, filling her ass with my cum. She’s one of my favorite superheroines of all time and she’s even hotter with a big chocolate cock!

Obviously this is a feature to promote Cyberunique’s website HentaiTNA (which I make commissions on if you join), but you all should know by now that I don’t promote any I don’t believe in or jerk off to myself. I love Dmitrys so I promote his website. I love Reiq, Cutepet, Kras, and Tekuho so I promote their sites. I especially love Cyberunique so I promote his site as well.

I know a lot of people don’t like paying for memberships to sites, but that’s how these artists make their money. Just like paying for video games, comic books, and movies, when you choose to give them your money you are ensuring the future of that type of entertainment (here it happens to be hentai). If anything, I would rather skip one movie a month and give that $20 to an artist I love, like Cyberunique. That way I know the money is going straight into his pocket.

Even if you don’t join any of these artists websites, at least keep all that in mind the next time you see someone post all of Dmitrys’, Reiq’s, or Cyberunique’s pics on a Tumblr page or Gelbooru or something. All those people are doing is ensuring we won’t be seeing any future pics by these artists and that would be a very sad thing.

(Thus concludes my preachy rant for the day)

Cyberunique ~ HentaiTNA

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    5 Responses to “Rogue and Storm jerking off Marvel Girl by Cyberunique”

    • J.p. warloche:

      Most people don’t understand how much effort it takes to create artwork like this. From conceptualizing to creation, hours are spent bringing this fantastic images to life. Hours out of an artist’s day that they could spend doing other things to make money to pay their rent, bills, food, gas for the car if they have one, clothes, spare money for medication should they get sick, or need to go to a hospital due to a serious accident.

      People dismiss the efforts of artists as just ‘people who draw pictures all day’. It’s so easy to go on the net and download in a few seconds what took an artist 8-10 hours, or sometimes days to do. They don’t think of how much the artist can suffer if they don’t make a sale. And they’re even more screwed if they have a family to feed as well. You’d think that all of this would convince an artist to stop creating work for the entertainment of others. It is the passion to create art and to challenge oneself that keeps them going. This is the field they are most comfortable in, and where they are at their best.

      Most artists aren’t looking to be millionaires. They just want to be able to keep sharing their work with others and be able to live comfortably at the same time. Which means selling their work in order to live another day.

      And yes, this is another beautiful piece coming from Cyberunique.

    • Futa Fan - Owner:

      @J.p. warloche – I couldn’t have said it better myself

    • Hey guys, I really appreciate you guys liking my artwork and take the time out to write your thoughts… And thanks “ThreeWorlds” for the support and kind words I hope to do more hot pinup like this one… Anyway see you guys later…

    • Nykkia:

      @J.p. warloche – Not to mention the amount of time and effort and skill to become so incredibly trained and talented that someone could create a wonderful piece of artwork like this one. Any artist though, who puts their valuable time to create, whether it be a doodle or a sketch or a full-blown comic piece, deserves support for sharing their work with the world. I agree 110% with what ya’ll wrote here, and hopefully others will consider supporting more of their favorite artists as a result!

      oh, and @Cyberunique – Dayum. That is all. LOL! Okay, that’s not all, but the rest is better said to myself in private. *whistles as she gets lost in her naughty thoughts*

    • Jimmy:

      This picture is just one of those ones that you never forget. I have very few in my collection that are of this calibre, and might I just say….this has to be in my top 10 hottest hentai pictures EVER!

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