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Saleena Serves by EcchiGraffiti

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After due consideration, I’d have to say that at the top of my holiday wishlist this year is a futanari maid in a latex uniform. A skintight latex uniform that presses her luscious melons into a crevasse of cleavage that caresses her colossal cock. I’m liking the view from the top, but I imagine the view from the bottom is just as boner-worthy. Her huge jiggling asscheeks squeezed into two full moons under her uniform and the smoouth curve of her ballsack tucked between them. Yup. That would just about be the best present ever.

On a tangential note, I love that EcchiGraffiti signed his initials using Saleena’s ample bosom as a canvas and equally ample supply of jizz as the ink. That is classy as fuck! 😀

EcchiGraffiti? I tip my hat to you and sexy little Saleena!

– Rexxon

EcchiGraffiti ~ Hentai Foundry

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