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Samantha Wright by Ninja Kitty

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It may seem like we’re all fun and games here at Futanari Obsession, but sometimes we like to talk about subjects other than porn….

No really we do!

So today we’re here with a little health advisory to inform readers of the benefits of performing pelvic floor exercises, perhaps more commonly known as Kegel exercises. These exercises strengthen the pubococcygeal (PC) muscle and other muscle groups in the pelvis.

Building these muscles has beneficial effects in both men and women, not the least of which is improving one’s sex life. The PC muscles are responsible for that “hallelujah” moment during orgasm. Stronger PC muscles result in stronger contractions and more intense orgasms.

For women, stronger PC muscles can result in a tighter vagina so the feeling of penetration is greater. Men on the other hand can develop harder erections and greater control over ejaculation.

And to show how these exercises can benefit both genders, we have this lovely demonstration by the gorgeous Samantha Wright.

You can see she’s in good physical form all around, but especially in her cock. Her long, thick cock bobbing and throbbing from her beautifully toned hips and ass, her fit waist, her delightful perky tits, her naughty blond pixie-cut…Mmmm….

Sorry, got a little off track there!

Anyway, this concludes our health advisory. Your regularly scheduled smut shall return tomorrow.

– Rexxon

NOTICE: Futanari Obsession is not liable for any injuries or damages incurred by attempting to imitate the activities described and shown above.

Ninja Kitty ~ Hentai Foundry

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    5 Responses to “Samantha Wright by Ninja Kitty”

    • bender bending rodriguez:

      Indeed it is true. I grew bored with regular strength training near the end of highschool and decided to explore my options. Then I discovered these exercises. For the men I reccomend a meager half a pill of viagra so you dont loose the platform mid exercise, and drop a barbell(can of soup if youre a cheapo) or wuddever, on your feet.
      Im not to sure what the women should do tho… if you have B.O.B. (battery opperated boyfriend(lol)) i guess try constricting the life out of it…

    • O.O:

      The cock is strong on this young futa

    • bender bending rodriguez:

      HAH!! u was waiting for the first Force comment XD

    • Fizzer:



    • jonnycake:

      Imagine how hard she could fuck with that.

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