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Sara and Mystra by Kras

Shemale and Futanari Hentai

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Sara chuckled and teasingly licked one of the slutty goblin’s long, pointed ears while grinding her erect girlcock against Mystra’s plump green snatch. In return, the curvaceous little green skank put her hands on Sara’s huge breasts, and began to squeeze the big, soft orbs with her dainty hand.

Unfortunately for Sara, the simulation became too much for her to handle. And a single rope of thick, warm jizz rocketed from her cockhead, bringing a pleasured squeal from the lips of the goblin. But the redhead wasn’t that easily beaten, and after lifting Mystra a little higher…she plunged the green slut down on her big, fat cum-spewing cock.

And the goblin squealed as her cunny was simultaneously split open by a fat prick, and filled with ropes of hot, thick spunk! But this wasn’t the end of her pleasure. No, even with ropes of cum escaping her cumslit, Sara began pumping her hips and hammering her thick dick into Mystra’s tight snatch. So with the thick redhead stretching her cunt wide with her monstrous cock, and having her spunk coating the sensitive pink walls of her slit, Mystra soon reached her limit as well.

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Art by Kras ~
Story by Risax ~ Hentai Foundry

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