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Server and Forum Update

Hey everyone, I wanted to give you an update on the Futanari Obsession server and forum.

As you probably already noticed the server upgrade is taking longer than I expected. My goal was to upgrade my shared server to a dedicated one and the company I am currently with no longer offered dedicated servers so I had to look around. I decided to go with MojoHost because most people in my industry love them. This morning MojoHost has begun building a dedicated server to my specifications – side note; another reason this took so long was because I had to learn very quickly about servers in order to make the right choice – and will then migrate all 9 of my sites over to the new server.

The new dedicated server should have more bandwidth (not your concern) and will run a lot faster (that’s the part you will like)! Thus the Symposium plugin for WordPress I installed that allows chatting and email shouldn’t bog down the resources. Wooo hooo!

Getting the dedicated server up and running might take up to 6 business days to complete. I was assured that there won’t be any down time but you never know. After I make sure everything is stable on the new server LC and I will begin working on the forum.

Thank you all for your patience and continued support while your friendly neighborhood futanari fan goes through these growing pains 🙂

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