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Sexy black futa with a bionic arm

Beautiful black futa with white hair and a bionic arm

Futa with a bionic arm by Suna (maybe)

Damn girl, you really need to let that trouser snake out. I bet she has white pubic hair….mmmm wouldn’t that be a beautiful sight. I would love to see her jerk off her big cock with with bionic arm too… I just hope it doesn’t go into overdrive or something and damage her member. That would be my only fear if I had a robotic right arm – While it would be cool to crush cans with it what if I crush my dick with it instead? These are the things I actually think about while I am in the car driving or in the shower jerking off to mental futa images. “What if I had a robotic arm?” Jesus, I’m an idiot. But hey, at least we have this pic by Suna (I can’t confirm it’s his work but some people think it is) to enjoy. I guess I am not the only person that thinks about bionic arms and chicks with dicks. Score!

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