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Sexy futa Mina in a corset by KandasuKousei

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So my corset fetish kicked in again when I saw this baby and it kicked in HARD.

I absolutely love what KandasuKousei has done with this picture because it showcases the wonderful effect of a corset. It simultaneously hefts up those great big wobbling funbags into a shelf of inviting cleavage and cinches her midsection into a jaw-dropping hourglass figure. Of course her cock is looking incredibly delectable as well, in both its soft and solid-as-an-iron-rod forms. Topped off with a pair of balls that dangle tantalizing in their sack like a present in a Christmas stocking and you’ve got a lady I’d very like to meet…and take home…and do other things….sexual things….

– Rexxon

KandasuKousei ~ Hentai FoundryOfficial Blog

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