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ShadowFayte’s Ladies by Ninja Kitty

ShadowFayte's Ladies by Ninja Kitty

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I have no clue how to write this post because I can’t figure out who, or what, these characters are.

Here’s what I do know: The two characters above are ShadowFayte’s OCs for Guild Wars and Corruption of Champions (ShadowFayte is the person that commissioned Ninja Kitty, in case that wasn’t obvious). The problem I am have is I have very limited knowledge of Guild Wars and a complete lack of it when it comes to Corruption of Champions. Seriously, what the fuck is CoC? I googled it, couldn’t figure it out because the answer wasn’t the first thing I saw, got frustrated and started writing this post.

The good news is that you clearly don’t need to know anything about Guild Wars or Corruption of Champions to enjoy this piece by Ninja Kitty. I’m prime example of that statement. I saw this pic and instantly knew I wanted to to feature it but, as you can see above, I got caught up in the little details. That’s just how my brain works though, what can you do? At least you guys have the luxury of sitting back and just enjoying your hentai, I have to write about it. Oh well, it’s all good, I love my job.

But seriously, if someone could please tell me what Corruption of Champions is I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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    4 Responses to “ShadowFayte’s Ladies by Ninja Kitty”

    • kaerf:

      Corruption of Champions is a very fun, and detailed text based adventure game. You can be either good or evil (corrupt), fight and fuck (or get fucked by) your foes, and make your character look however you want. And the best part is that it’s free and you can be a guy, girl, or a futa. You can play the game at Try it, it’s very fun.

    • @kaerf – Thanks for the insight!

    • jonnycake:

      the one on the bed is loving it. Don’t let her fool you

    • Spartan_009:

      I’ve played CoC since the game was called Unnamed Text Game haha The game is great and if you can get past the difficult start you can easily sink days into the game. you don’t need to download it either with the option to play in browser (personal preference) also I would recommend looking through the wiki as it will help with encounters and make the game more enjoyable 🙂

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