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Share the Love by Alhetfer

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Another amazing scene of Masterchefguy’s ladies getting messy for everyone to enjoy!

Amber and Jade are standing tall and erect over their friend Jenny, who is loving all the hot sticky love she’s getting!

By the way, I think Jenny is absolutely adorable with her red hair, freckles and glasses. As much as I love the two futanari beauties, I really love Jenny. What can I say? I like sexy nerdy girls and they are in such short supply these days! XD

Not to knock on Amber or Jade of course! Those two can take their cocks to me any day! It’s an especially nice touch that Amber’s rocking a circumcised cock while Jade’s cock still has the foreskin bunched around the head. But it’s alright, Jenny love them both if her dazed and happy expression is any indication!

– Rexxon

Alhetfer ~ Hentai Foundry

Amber, Jade and Jenny are owned by Masterchefguy ~ Hentai Foundry

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