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She-Hulk and Cammy 69ing by 34San

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Om Nom Nom Nom…That’s the noise I picture Cammy making while she eats She-Hulk’s ass out.

I’m not sure if She-Hulk is also a shemale in this pic but if she is then Cammy is deepthroating the hell out of her right now. Deepthroating or ass eating aside I think we can all agree that this pic is banaynays either way. The pose is perfect, the art style is great (I love how 34San was able to mimic the Capcom style but retain his own feel), and the look on She-Hulk’s face is sexy as hell. It’s a total package.

You know what else is awesome? 34San just gets it, you know. It’s not like he kinda likes futa and shemale hentai or he’s just doing commissions, he fucking loves it and it shows. That’s why 34San is one of the best in the biz and why Rexxon and I keep commissioning pieces from him whenever he is available (Spoiler Alart: We just commissioned a new pic today lol). Anyways, enjoy the hentai!

34san ~ Hentai Foundry

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