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Hey Gang
I wanted to give you a heads up that I’ll be talking the site within the next few weeks. I don’t have the time or the energy to work on it anymore (as most of you can probably already tell), plus it’s just no longer cost effective to have it up- My server bill alone is twice the size of my car note! Thank you for all your support over the years. I wish I could’ve kept the site up forever but nothing really turns out the way we want it.

So grab whatever pics you can while the site is online, and I wish everyone all the best in their future endeavors.

Corey (aka Futa Fan)

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    108 Responses to “Site News”

    • lonelyman:

      Even though this is my first time commenting after 5 years of coming on this site daily, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you have done for us. It’s hard to believe that this site is coming to an end after 7 years. So sad to see this site go, but thank you for everything Futa Fan and I hope you the best in the future.

    • Blah:

      I know you have an HF account. Could you post some of the pics that can’t be found elsewhere on that? An example is the Mind Rape pic.

    • Sadness incarnate:

      Corey, you have spent your time and money on a noble purpose: This website.
      I’ll be sadder than sad to see it go, and all I really have to say is thank you. Thank you so much, you magnificent bastard.


    • jAkefromstatefarm:

      thanks Corey for all you’ve done for us and hope life treats you well

    • shimikaze_chan:

      Maybe just use a tumblr? To keep it alive

    • Drek:

      Dang. I don’t know what else to say except, thank you.

    • Oreo:

      As a huge fan, im gonna miss this site too . All kinds of awesomeness on here best wishes to you

    • R3BEL10N:

      I’ve been lurking here for a few years and have always enjoyed the content that you’ve featured here. It’s a bummer to hear that the site is going down but thank you for keeping it up as long as you have and for sharing all the amazing art over the years. Good luck with everything you do in life man.


    • Kashk:

      This site was my main porn site since I discovered Futa.I hate to see this place go having made a few of the post and help with trying to get the forum started (which also didn’t take) I am very sad to see it go but life is a bitch sometimes and tough choices had to be made i was hoping patreon would work but it seems it didn’t. I’m also going through some tough times and i understand Thank you, wish you the best of luck.

    • aengis:

      thank you for all your work; and hope you will have a nice time with real dickgirls from now on 😀

    • scally:

      I’ve never posted a comment before, but I guess at the end is better than never. I guess I just wanted to say thanks for all the years of posting top quality futanari pictures. I think I started browsing around 2012, maybe earlier. Considering you’ve made it ~7 years, I commend your efforts Corey. I realize as a business, not being cost-effective means it dies, but hey, it was a hell of a ride. This site was one of the first places I found for futa pics and likely the start of my fetish for chicks with dicks. So again, thanks for time and effort Corey, hopefully this community can find a replacement that is updated regularly and features great content.

    • John:

      Um, I am super sad that you’re closing the site. This was my go to site for jerking. We love you Futa Fan!

    • legend:

      damn, this site is the reason why i started looking at chicks with dicks, i used to think wtf that shit is weird, but when i decided to explore the interneto ne day i came across the artists on this site, needless to say my jimmy got hard as a rock. Started coming back for more and more and it turned into a routine. Im going to miss jerking it on this site, but damn it was a fun ride… maybe this will mark the end of futa fetish as well… anyway thank you for making the last 5 years of my obsession great man, really appreciate the time and effort you put into this site. I wish you, and all my futanari brethren well in life. peace out

    • lurker:

      as a long time lurker I will be sad to see this site go. Best of luck in future endeavors friend.

    • Lrahs:

      Hi Corey

      It’s the first time I write a comment below and it’s to tell you that you have done a great job during this 5 years (since I am her :)). It’s really sad to know that it’s the end.

      Thank you a lot ! From my country, Merci !

    • altmetalkid:

      Wow this is a shocking disappointment, but I understand. This site got me into futa and let me onto some really great artists. I’m sad to see it go. Thank you for all your hard work.

    • altmetalkid:

      I’m actually having a really hard grasping this. West time for me to find out was right before work. Thank you so much for introducing me to artists like Incase, Wicked J and Silly Girl. This site brought me a lot of pleasure and I thank you deeply for your commitment to the community. Good luck in all your future endeavors and guys, let’s hope this lives on. Tumblr or HF or something. It has to happen.

    • Kev:

      Just a suggestion, you could just make a tumblr page with the same functionality as the website and you wouldn’t have to pay the server bills and you wouldn’t have to put as much time into if you felt it wasn’t worth it. But even if you don’t sad to see you go good luck on what ever you do. May there be beautiful futas in your future 🙂

    • Roze:

      I’d like to open a site similar to this one, I have the ability to do it at low cost. If anyone would like me to do that please contact me. Corey thank you so much for your work, If you want to contact me do it via

    • Rj:

      That sucks, I just found this wonderful site just to find that it’s about to be shut down. I hope you are able in the future to get this website back up and running.

    • Ian Pemberton:

      Man, I don’t know what I’m going to do without this website. Checked it for years. I bet I’ll still check it whenever I’m feelin’ frisky.

    • I’m gonna miss this site! I wish it didn’t have to go!

    • Skye Nexi:

      This site has lived a long and good life. Thanks for the memories (and the faps) and whatever the future holds in store for you, may it be good and filled with merriment. Rest well, Corey. You’ve earned it. Thanks for allowing us here.

    • Mr.Ramoon:

      I’m gonna miss you man, I remember stumbling upon your site about 7 years ago and looking through all 6 pages at the time, this is where I’ve been lurking every night sense..This is my first post in all that time, I’m not good at goodbyes.. it’s sad to see her go.. best of luck Corey, I hope to see a tumbler, we will all miss you and the fantom futa..

    • DDrund:

      Hi. Up ’til now I’ve been a lurker. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this site and I’m sad to see it go. This was about the best place on the web to get my futa fix. I understand real-life sometimes gets in the way though. Anyway, thanks for the memories and good luck in your future endeavors.

    • Jake:

      Is there a list of all the artist on here? There are some names in the tag section but it doesn’t seem comprehensive.

    • Jake:

      Anyway thanks for all the hours put into this! I guess nobody wants to pay for anything any more.

    • H:

      Long time lurker here, how come you haven’t setup a patreon or some sort of campaign to keep this alive?

    • Futa Fan - Owner:

      Thanks for all the feedback, it really means a lot. We already had an image database on Tumblr with every pic from the site…till Tumblr deleted it without a reason. They do that alot because they are run by the worst company online, Yahoo!. Not only that, but Tumblr is now losing money for Yahoo! so don’t expect it to be online too much longer either, or at least don’t expect to see much porn on it. They are constantly removing adult stuff from Tumblr.

    • Rexxon - Admin:

      Since several people seem to be asking “Why haven’t you been setting up a Patreon or crowdfunding campaign to keep the site going?”, I’m guessing you haven’t looked at any of the Phantom Futa pictures lately?

      We HAVE BEEN RUNNING a Patreon for the past year and a half or so to try and offset some of the costs. In fact there was a decent period of time when we had stickied a post saying “Hey, check out our Patreon” so that anyone who looked at this site, would see THAT post at the top.

      Every few dollars a month we raised from Patreon to commission fresh Phantom Futa art meant that much more money could go into other expenses (especially server costs).

      And while the Patreon has certainly helped, it has always hovered around 25-30 people contributing $80 to $100 which is a pretty small number considering how many views Futanari Obsession seems to get.

      So honestly, judging from what we’ve experienced running the Phantom Futa Patreon, it’s doubtful that any crowdfunding efforts for the site would be enough to make keeping it online worthwhile. Especially since plenty of people are saying “Oh I would contribute money, but I can’t”.

      Now if you genuinely can’t donate ANY money, then that’s fine. You need to take care of yourself. But the bottom line is, this shows that however much people might like this site and what we do, there just isn’t enough monetary support to make it work.

      Crowdfunding is great, but it’s not a magic bullet for EVERY problem.

      The math just doesn’t add up.

    • Jake:

      I haven’t had a decent job until now but that’s no excuse.

    • Craftyatom:

      Dear Futa Fan/Site Admins,

      Until about an hour ago, I had never heard of this site. I was linked here via a page lamenting that the site would soon be going down. Intrigued, I dug around a bit. It seems, to me at least, that the heart and soul of this site is not in the images – rather, it is in the personal touches, the blog posts and the recommendations. I saw some people saying that the media browsing left something to be desired, but that the artists you’ve recommended and the posts you’ve made are what really set this site apart, and the many cries for a Tumblr-based follow-on project are proof of this. Given how unique a touch this is, I think it’s a shame to see it go.

      So, on to the meat of the matter: I run a small website, and I mean small, 40-100 unique hits a day. I’m not including a name or link because I don’t want to advertise, especially since it would be much akin to feeding on the sadness that losing this site is generating. I don’t know exactly how many images you have, but I can support about a hundred thousand more. More importantly (since the images themselves are generally hosted on other sites anyways), I’d be happy to host any and all blogging, given a few weeks to set things up – I know that not all of your contributors want to continue with this work, but my offer stands for those who do. I’d also be more than willing to host all prior work as well, so long as you have it saved (I’m not sure I can write a scraper in time to grab everything myself). I’ve never tested the limits of my bandwidth, but I’d be more than willing to try, since I’ve seen nary a dent thus far. Anyways.

      You have my email. Let me know if you want to talk. Kindest regards,


    • heNtai-futagirl:

      “He was a man, take him for all in all, I shall not look upon his like again.”

    • Spongebob:
      here’s a complete collection of everything 😀 so before they get removed download them! they might have been expunged by the retard admins on that site but you can still download them! 🙂

    • CS2:

      Jeez this is the best site on the internet and in a few weeks it will be gone :'( From one Corey to another you are God’s peace man.

    • SweEt slumber:

      I have just found out about this. I can’t add anything to the overwhelming responses, but I will always be grateful for having my work featured on your site. You won’t know how grateful I am for that. Thank you for keeping the site alive for so long. All the best for your future endeavors. Yours truly,

      Sweet Slumber

    • digdig palace chopchoP:

      Not really much to say, but were gonna miss you dude

    • the king:

      Thank you Corey for keeping the site up for as long as it has been. This site helped start my love for futanari and I will be sad to see it go but we understand. Also, thank you Rexxon. This site will always have some influence on whatever I decide to work on artistically.

    • the king:

      Thank you Rexxon and Futa Fan. This is the site that got me into futanari stuff. I will be sad to see it go but I’m sure all of us understand the reasoning. This site will always have some influence on whatever I decide to work on.

    • Tgcannon:

      I was wondering how to get in contact with you if a wanted to commission a peice that involved the phantom

    • Tgcannon:

      I wanted to get in contact with futa fan

    • SHiFTedDreams:

      God fucking dammit. Finally found the best futa site out there and it’s leaving me. Shit! Is there some way I can mass download what was posted? Dammit man.

    • Sad news, I never really followed you guys, but if you guys really want to maintain an online presence you could make wiki articles for Phantom Futa on

      My thoughts on state of things here:フタナリ/commentary-and-thoughts-on-2015/

    • DGmon:

      That’ll do, Corey. That’ll do.

    • Al:

      Hey Corey,
      Me and a few others have noticed the offer Craftyatom made and would like to know if you considered it. I’d hate to see the site go down when it could stay up for others to take the torch. That way, when times get better for you, you can come back and continue the great work.
      Al, a patron of the site

    • Goon32:

      I’ve never posted anything here before and never planned on it but once I saw others doing it too I figured I should too, and I’ve got to say, this is really really sad. This has been my solid for about a year now, as long as I’ve been into futa. I just can’t believe it, it was all so good. I really hope we don’t lose easy access to all this artwork, it’s all so amazing (and unbelievably hot). Again though, it’s really sad, but life goes on, cheers to all of you, good luck, and Ad Victoriam to those brothers and sisters

    • Rafael:

      I’ve never really commented on anything on this site except one thing. I discovered you guys about 2 or 3 years back it was either 2013 or 2014 can’t remember which. I had never seen or heard of futanari until then and I just want to say that I’m glad I was introduced to it by you guys. I’m very sad to see this website go, but I understand why it has to happen. I think most people will agree with me when I say “Sic transit gloria mundi.” (latin for thus goes the glory of the world.) Good luck with your future endeavors and thanks for the 3 years of fap material.

    • Guardianrose:

      What would it take to have a torrent uploaded of the full site’s content?

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