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Sixty-Nine 2 by Qoppa

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OK so I’ll admit I don’t know much about WoW which is the setting in which these characters were originally conceived. But I don’t need to know a lot to appreciate how amazingly hot this picture is!

This wondrous piece is brought to us by Qoppa but the characters Rae (the well-endowed Troll/Daemon hybrid) and the lovely Creah (the human girl with the gorgeously perky tits) are the creations of GunnmX. Definitely check out both of these awesome artists!

Look at that cock! And those balls! You know Rae’s gonna bust a nut or two into poor Creah’s throat. Not that she seems to mind all that much, judging from how she’s tugging at her nipple piercing and squirting milk from her tits!

There’s a ton of detail in this picture that just piles on the hotness! The tiny piercings, Rae’s tail shoving a sex toy deeper into her own ass, and my personal favorite, the lipstick smear on Rae’s cock showing just how deep Creah can take that monster!

Oh and if you want to see what the flipside of this sixty-nine looks like, just follow the link in the image above and then from the Hentai Foundry page click “previous” in the description to find “Sixty-Nine 1”. I didn’t include it here because you can’t see the futanari half of this lovely duo. And we don’t call ourselves “Futanari Obsession” for nothing! But it’s still worth a look!

– Rexxon

Qoppa ~ Hentai Foundry

GunnmX ~ Hentai Foundry

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