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Sneek Peek by PZero

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How. Is. That. Dress. Staying. On. Her. Body?


Why. Is. That. Dress. Staying. On. Her. Body?

This lady wears her outfit quite nicely. And judging by her delicious chocolate-colored cock and nipples, she’ll look even hotter with it off! I rather like that dark skin tone and the crazy contrast it provides against her fairer skin. And her balls look so tight, I bet she’s busting to relieve that pressure. Preferably in someone’s face.

Oh never mind, I figured out how the dress is staying up. Her rock-hard nipples are holding up the front. Of course, it was so obvious!

Looks like we’ve solved another mystery gang!

– Rexxon

PZero ~ Hentai Foundry

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    4 Responses to “Sneek Peek by PZero”

    • bender bending rodriguez:

      yup its gonna be one of those days… excuse me while i get this out of my system: DAT AZZ!!!! DEM BEWBS!!! DA SHLONG!!!
      *ahem* -_- ok i feel better now… kinda :/
      anywhoo its too bad that the tatoo on her arm isnt a futa as well, or it is and i just cant tell even with the larger image back on HF
      excelent nonetheless

    • DMJ:

      i think this is the only occasion where id rather suck on her nipples rather than her cock

    • Lu:

      @DMJ… You can still do both you know, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.

    • KenJoe:

      She looks like the kind of girl I’d take to fancy restaraunt, find a secluded corner table, crawl under the table, and give myself a concussion giving her head. The brain damage would be worth the throat full of cock, and the tummy full of cum. Soooooo worth it.

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