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Some Mushroom Special Magic by Devil HS

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Now it has been quite some time since I played a Mario game. But I don’t recall any mushrooms that turned pretty princesses into perverted, penis-possessing punk girls.

That would be awesome though, if you could play as a futa-princess. You could swing your character’s massive dick around and cockslap bitches who get in your way. Make your character jerk herself off until she fires off a wad of cum that blasts through obstacles. I bet you could even make it so that your futa waggles her hips so her cock spins around like a propeller, to help traverse those chasms where double-jumping just doesn’t do the trick!

We could even make the Wii controller’s motion sensor useful for once! Every game that utilizes the motion control already looks like you’re giving a handjob. At least with this game it would make sense in context.

Super Futanari Princess Party. Get on that all you video game developers!

– Rexxon

Art by Devil HS ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ Blog

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    3 Responses to “Some Mushroom Special Magic by Devil HS”

    • Vennica:

      Now that’s a game I’d dust my wii off for. Hell I’d even buy that funky looking Wii-U if this was an actual game.

    • TDogtheFutalover:

      The funny part is I was making all of the sound effects in my head as I read the description.

    • technogen:

      I envy those piranha plants so much!!! The prospect of sucking on princess’ huge girl-cocks all day long sounds like a dream!!! I bet their cum acts like a fertilizer for the plants, making them grow tall and strong and be able to suck those girl-cocks that much better! Mmmm…

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