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Sona on Sona by AKA6

Futanari Obsession

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Wow. Um. Okay…I’m supposed to talk about, this, uh, picture. Of, uh, futanari Sona from League of Legends. Having sex with, umm herself and uh….


Seriously, there are just layers upon layers of hotness here.

Let’s start with the most obvious thing. First off, this chick is having sex with herself. It’s like masturbation taken to its logical extreme! I love the dominance being exerted by redhaired Sona as she pins her bluehaired clone and forcefully jerks her off, making Blue spray her own face with cum.

Second, not only are these ladies hot as hell, they’ve each got deliciously thick cocks slapping around between their legs! Red is plunging a cock the size of her arm into Blue’s ass. But look a little closer. See that hint of light blue? That is a dildo. Blue’s poor asshole is getting massively stretched by a fat dildo AND Red’s massive shaft! Not only that, but Red has somehow positioned herself so that the other end of the dildo goes into HER asshole as well! That is some amazingly hot sexual logistics! Also love how realistically their balls droop and flop about. You can really imagine the wet slapping noise of their sacks smacking against their bodies as they thrust and pound into one another.

Finally, the thing that really makes my entire body tense in rampant arousal is this. Have I mentioned yet that I have a bit of a corset fetish? No?…Well, I have a bit of a corset fetish.

And I think this picture wonderfully illustrates why that is. The corset is cinching Red’s body into a jaw-dropping hourglass. But even better is how the edge of the corset is busting to hold back the force of Red’s massive bust! Those fat, round globes of sweet titflesh bulging forth, with cleavage that will swallow your dick and take it to a warm, pillowy heaven!

Ok. I got that out of the way. Now please excuse me. I have…something to take care of.

– Rexxon

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    8 Responses to “Sona on Sona by AKA6”

    • Lori:

      Funny thing is, the artist’s proportions for the red head’s chest (Pentakill Sona) isn’t too far from the actual artwork for the game skin. It may look like rape but since blue hair (Arcade Sona) can’t speak, nobody knows.

      Also, if you look closely, you can see her ass is spread wide due to not only by red’s cock, but also a neon blue dildo.

      Apologies for the game nerd

    • Hipster:

      One of them is Katarina, not Sona (The top one)

    • DMJ:

      ill take blue sona’s place any day

    • roshan-beau:

      “ill take blue sona’s place any day” -DMJ

      I would too if it wouldnt tear my asshole…

    • Lori:

      @hipster no it’s definately Sona. thats her ‘rock n roll’ skin called Pentakill. Google it lolz

    • LOL-er:

      its penta kill sona on arcade sona none of them is katarina

    • Perv 404:

      Awesome indeed!
      And I want to play the “Teem shooter” behind them afterwards!

    • AYLENA:


      No. As the person who -commissioned- this here image, no. It’s Sona. Both of them are Sona. This stemmed from an argument I had about which Sona skin is best, in which I believe that Pentakill Sona is clearly superior.

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