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Sonya & Beryl by PillowKisser

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Jolly green giant…

It’s not easy being green and hung…

Green one-eyed monster…

Alright I think that’s enough bad “green” jokes. Now onto the actual picture!

As you can probably tell, the thing I really love about this picture is the colors! The orc futa is rendered in rich shades of green that show off her rock-hard abs and the veiny length of her yummy cock leading up to a delectably dark head. But I gotta say that even yummier is the sight of her fat ballsack tightening up, ready to unload a few gallons-worth of jizz.

On the other hand, the orc’s human love slave doesn’t seem to mind wearing her mistress’ cock as a hat nor does she seem to mind receiving an impromptu cum shower. The human girl certainly has a softer body but she’s got a nice bit of definition as well if you take a closer look. Her lovely tits also show a perfect amount of “squish” factor that I absolutely adore.

PillowKisser doesn’t have many futa pictures in their gallery but go show these pictures some love all the same!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a sudden craving for broccoli.

– Rexxon

PillowKisser ~ Hentai Foundry ~Tumblr

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry


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