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Sponty by FaustSketcher

Sponty by FaustSketcher

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Truth be told, I’d seen FaustSketcher’s work on Hentai Foundry before, and certainly enjoyed a lot of it, but this piece was the first one to make me stand up and take notice. I don’t think I have ever seen Sponty look hotter plus I love all the attention to detail – The one nipple pasty peeling off, the penis tip pasty, her hidden pussy, and her little anus ready to be fucked. God I want to do so many bad things to her right now! I really dig FaustSketcher’s style, it’s a very unique mixture of anime and European that really makes his work stand out from the crowd.

To be honest with you guys, when I saw this piece I immediately thought about hitting him up for a Phantom Futa pic. He say’s that his commission slots are open so I will be emailing him right after I launch this post. Also, just to give you a heads up barraQda is currently working on a new Phantom Futa piece so hopefully I’ll have to show you guys soon. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

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