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Sponty tentacle attack by Pirate Cashoo

Sponty tentacle attack by Zombie Pirate

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Oh shit, this is fucking awesome! Where the hell did Pirate Cashoo come from and how come I am just discovering her now? I should have been posting her non-futa works on MPL Toons this entire time. Damn it. Thanks to Rexxon for sending me this pic, the moment I saw it last night I knew I was going to feature it today.

Obviously I love Pirate Cashoo’s art style, and I am sure you can see why, but what really caught my eye after looking through her portfolio is her original character “Cashoo”. She’s basically a hot Frankenstein-esque zombie chick (the monster, not the scientist, yes I know the difference). Cashoo and her creator always seem to be having hot sexual encounters, which is awesome, but what really turns me on is how fully realized the character is. As someone who has worked hard to make the Phantom Futa unique and excited I can appreciate the fact that Cashoo stands out from the crowd. Hopefully Pirate Cashoo will do a futa-Cashoo sometime in the future because she really did a great job with Sponty here. This is definitely one of my new favorite pics!

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