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Star Wars: The Old Republic dickgirls by 34San

Star Wars: The Old Republic dickgirls by 34San

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If this actually happened in Star Wars: The Old Republic I would play it this second. I’m not a big MMO guy or a PC gamer for that matter (although I am super excited for Diablo 3 on May 15th) but seeing as how I am a Star Wars fan I do have an inherent interest in checking out The Old Republic.

My biggest fear though is that I won’t be able to play some of the bigger missions because I am a bit anti-social when it comes to online gaming. I don’t want to commit to a guild or anything and have other people depend on me playing at a certain time. I think of video games like porn – It’s mostly a solitary hobby, “alone time” if you will. Have any of you guys played Star Wars: The Old Republic? If so would I be into it? I have never played an MMORPG but I did enjoy Knights of the Old Republic for the XBox back in the day.

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