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Stella Ganti sabbatical by 34San

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After getting a “tune-up” from her mechanic Cal, Stella decides the time has come for a little R&R.

She grabs her two boy-toys and returns to her homeworld of Kopa Bintu, a planet renowned for its sunny weather, friendly locals, and for having more square miles of nude beach than any other planet in the galaxy.

After spending months in deep space, Stella relishes the chance to lounge on a warm beach, sipping cocktails and working on her tan. And if any passersby should happen to notice that her last dose of FemPhal hasn’t worn off yet…well, who knows what might happen?

– Rexxon

Art by 34San ~ Hentai Foundry
Stella Ganti belongs to Rexxon ~ Hentai Foundry

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    • Swinger guy:

      And where is this resort? I’ll be taking my wife there! She can hold the camera and fetch us drinks. Lol!

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