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Stripping Lue by Fanatiq

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It is difficult to even begin describing the sexiness of this picture. This cum hungry slut is the epitome of erotic. My favorite part is the chastised status of her cock and balls. How horny and backed up does she have to be to need two rings around her cock and a plug in her urethra to prevent her from cumming? I just want to massage and suck on her cum swollen balls and since her tip bucket is full I guess I’ll just have to leave my tip somewhere else like down her throat or between her massive, pillowy tits. What I’d really like is to have my orgasms controlled the way hers clearly are. I bet that tip bucket is for her mistress and if she doesn’t meet her cum quota she gets punished.

– Jeremy the sub

Art by Fanatiq ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr

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