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Succubus by Pirate Cashoo

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Well everybody, it’s been real, but now it’s time to return the site to the capable hands of Futa Fan as he returns from his trip and well-deserved vacation to Europe.

Hopefully you have all been satisfied with my work in his absence. And if not, well you won’t have to put up with me much longer.

In all seriousness it’s been a blast working at the reins of the site for these past weeks and we’ve got a lot more planned for the Phantom Futa to cum! Er, I mean come!

Not the least of which is another picture that will be coming out tomorrow, so eyes peeled for those updates!

[UPDATE – Unfortunately, there have been some delays with the next set of Phantom Futa pictures. It is not anyone’s fault, it’s just that sometimes shit happens. Hopefully we’ll be getting them soon, so fingers crossed and thanks for your patience and understanding.]

And now as he gets back to the good old US of A, here’s a picture from a mutual favorite artist to greet him.

I think she’s happy to see you! And we are too! Welcome home Futa Fan!

– Rexxon

Pirate Cashoo ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumbrl ~ Exclusive art at

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    2 Responses to “Succubus by Pirate Cashoo”

    • Some Guy:

      Hey Rexxon, imo you did good job on the site while Futa Fan was away. Have a nice day.

    • long time fan:

      You did a Great job Rexxon, wouldn’t mind seeing you as a guest writer every now and then. Like your taste, especially this peace. The facial expression really makes this one shine in my opinion. Kudos to you for taking the riens so gracefully.

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