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Sudden release of pressure by Nalika

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Wow…. is it really hot out or is it just me? Maybe it’s this beautiful girl I caught by the pool when she thinks no one else is looking. She has the most incredible body and it fills out her bikini perfectly, those two yummy breasts straining in her soaked swimsuit trying to bust out and get some sun. She sits at the edge of the pool for a while near one of the water jets with a quirky little look on her face, and I know what she is up to… or so I think.

I’m not ashamed to say I’ve done it myself before. Letting that stream of bubbling water caress the most intimate of places until that feeling comes where you’re about to burst! I watch as she lifts herself onto the edge, tugging her tight bikini down those svelte hips and to my surprise (and delight!) her throbbing girlycock slaps wetly against the water’s edge sending stream after stream of sticky cum spurting across the cement while she arches her back in sheer pleasure.

I love this pic, and with summer coming I feel it’s a perfect welcome to the new season with a beautiful babe doing what all naughty girls do best. Her facial expression to me- eyes closed, biting her lip in ecstasy- captures that moment she’s at her peak. I absolutely adore the idea behind this picture and Nalika nailed it.

What do you guys think? <3 Let us know! - Nykkia Nalika ~ Hentai Foundry

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    6 Responses to “Sudden release of pressure by Nalika”

    • RTGCBT:

      I think a Nice glimpse of a heavy sac would have made this pick all the sweeter. But still a fantastic piece though dont get me wrong.

    • Homerman567:

      That’s pretty sexy, you don’t normally see 3-d futa porn, also hi to the new admin 🙂

    • Futa Onyx:

      … words can describe how amazing this is ^w^
      Lovin’ in the summertime!

    • Jaden:

      I wish I was there to see her do this

    • I feel being featured on a site I frequent is…it’s one of those indicators that I’m doing something right. This one was fun to do, really tried to go for the ‘you can hear all the cum splashing’ effect.

      If you have any good ideas for future works, please comment on my HF profile, or comment on my blog. thanks!

    • Nykkia:

      @Nalika – You are -definitely- doing something right! Hopefully the comments and votes and support for your pic will inspire you to do even more! And this… I have to say thanks again for a wonderfully yummy prelude to summer. As a southern girl I spend way too much time around pools and beaches so this gives me something to look forward to (at least in daydreams!)

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