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Super strong Poison chained up by Mikoyan

Super strong Poison chained up by Mikoyan

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Ummmmm hmmmmmm…. yea, I’m not sure how I feel about this pic. On one hand you know how much I love Poison and Mikoyan’s awesome artwork, hell I even like slightly muscular women, but on the other hand this piece might be a bit too much. She has a little too much bulk and that cock looks absolutely dangerous! I honestly can’t even imagine the damage that monster would do to someone’s rectum (Wrecked ’em? Damn near killed ’em! lol I love that joke).

So you might be wondering then why I’m posting this pic of Poison at all? The answer is simple, for the fans of strong futas. I know not all of you will like this illustration but I also know that some of you will and this is for the latter group. Enjoy!

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    8 Responses to “Super strong Poison chained up by Mikoyan”

    • Cocklover:

      That cock huge it almost looks like the worm from star wars

    • JROD:

      its definitely a sexy pic of poison i just dont like the thing goin into her cock. that shit looks like it hurts

    • futabuddah:

      I would try taking that dick on just take out the spikes

    • me:

      All the piercings ruin to for me but to each his own.

    • Muusu:

      More muscle futa like this plz.

    • anonymous:

      Muscles and sadism don’t mix. Muscles are for love. Muscle growth is caused by the same feeling that causes cock swell. Muscles = trapped orgasm. Futanari = our dreams of an orgasmic woman… orgasmic in exactly the same way as us, male audience. That’s why muscles are the most natural thing in a futanari. Also that’s why women will never truly understand futanari… even lesbian women. With the sole exception of women on steroids. Which brings us back to the subject of muscle futanari.

    • anonymous:

      Ah, forgot to say it… a beautiful futa. Just disregard sadistic aspects. Why do we spend all life watching pics and won’t do anything to make such forms become reality?

    • UnoriginalUsername:

      Yeah, it was good fappin’, but I think I’d steer clear. A cock that big would cause major damage to mouth, throat, and/or ass of anybody who tried to suck her off, deepthroat her, or try to take her up the butt. Poison is always hot and it’s good art, but even a normal-sized cock with those spikes in it and that thing going in would be enough to turn me off.

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