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Sweet and Sour by AnimeFlux

Sweet and Sour by AnimeFlux

Sweet and Sour by AnimeFlux

Whoa, I have no idea how this pic by AnimeFlux¬†slipped past me but it’s absolutely gorgeous. I can’t even begin to describe how much I love the art style here. The crisp lines, vibrant colors, and perfectly sized cocks….yum! I want to get a job at whatever beach these two delicious futas hang out at. My god that would be like Heaven. I could rub sunscreen all over their perfect bodies and slender dicks all day long or until I get fired – The owners of the beach resort probably wouldn’t look too kindly if I replaced the sunscreen with my own jizz, right? Whomp whomp whooomp… and that’s why I’m not allowed to work at futa beaches anymore.

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