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The new server is live! Plus hot pics by Aoin

Forest futanari footjob by Aoin

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This has been a hell of a stressful week between trying to migrate my sites over to the new server and dealing with a family emergency at the same time but it seems things are finally looking up (for the websites at least) as my new server is officially online! If you are reading this post then that means the DNS has propagated and you are looking at the new server. I’ve been trying to spend as much time as possible digging through Futanari Obsession to make sure everything is stable and running correctly and it seems to be running a lot faster than before…which was the whole point of the move.

I would like to ask you guys for a favor. Can you dig around the site, hit refresh, use the chat box and email, and let me know if the site seems faster to you? That would really help. I’ll be working on some behind-the-scenes stuff and try to update as frequently as possible over the next week as I wrap up said family emergency.

I would also like to take this time to say thanks to LC for helping me maintain my other non-futa sites. You rock!

Forest futanari fucking a savage woman by Aoin

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    Beautiful Gothic futanari hentai

    Sexy futanari babe fucking a girl in white lace

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    Sometimes, while surfing the internet for futanari hentai, I come across a piece that is as beautiful as it is erotic and I am so taken back by how well illustrated the image is that I forget it’s porn. This is one of those times. I don’t know where to begin with this ¬†Gothic futanari rendering by Omegaboost. Anything I say you can determine for yourself by looking at the full sized image but that’s never stopped me before so why should it now? I love the care and level of detail put into this piece – From the background to the character’s outfits to the line a saliva dripping between their mouths no detail has been overlooked by Omegaboost thus creating a complete image. That’s true love right there ladies and gentlemen, and it’s beautiful.

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