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How To Train Your Shyvana – Art by AKA6

League of Legends Dickgirl Hentai at

Art by AKA6 ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Blogspot ~ Patreon

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    Futanari Witchcraft – Art by G1r0r0

    Shemale and Dickgirl Hentai at

    You know what happens when you mess with the dark arts? You get an ass full of tentacle cocks. Seriously. And you never know when it’s gonna happen. You could be minding your own business, reading some books in the nude, and BOOM! Tentacles in your butt.

    But that’s the price you pay for using black magic. Just ask this curvy green shemale witch. She’ll tell you that she knew the price of her magic. She knew this day would come. Maybe that’s why she was reading nude in the first place…

    Art by G1r0r0 ~ Hentai Foundry

    Shemale and Dickgirl Hentai at

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      Ginny eating shemale Hermione’s asshole – Art by Shadman

      Rule 34 Shemale Hermione Granger Hentai Porn at

      I’m loving this piece of rule 34 Harry Potter hentai right now, and not just because it features Ginny and a shemale Hermione (my favorite kind of Hermione!). I love it because of the ass eating. Fuck yea! I’m totally into that fetish right now, mainly because I saw pics of Natalie Mars getting her ass eaten by her girlfriend Sue on Tumblr last night and it’s all I can think about right now. What can I say? I’m fixated! I’m gonna go see if I can relieve some of this pressure, or else I’m getting nothing done for the rest of the day lol

      Art by Art by Shadman ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Website ~ Tumblr

      Rule 34 Shemale Hermione Granger Hentai Porn at

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        Rule 62 1/2 Mario Pin-Up – Art by Jay-Marvel

        Rule 34 Nintendo Hentai at

        Here’s another awesome Rule 62 1/2 pin-up by Jay-Marvel. Who knew Mario would make such an amazing shemale?! And where the hell did that ass come from? Mother of god! That thing is amazing.

        I just wonder if she uses her cock as a gun when she picks up the Fire Flower. That would be pretty fucking spectacular…and dangerous. Can you imagine giving Maria head then getting a mouth full of fire? That would suck! Unless you’re Bowser, then it would probably be ok. I figure, since he shoots fireballs out of his mouth it’s probably already fireproof on the inside anyways. Thoughts be thinking!

        Art by Jay-Marvel ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt

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          Shemale Miss Pauling flashing her ass and balls

          Team Fortress 2 Rule 34 Dickgirl Hentai at

          I know this is going to blow a lot of your minds but I’ve never played Team Fortress 2 before. I’m strictly a console gamer (PS4 to be precise). That being said, I do know who Miss Pauling is, though I have no idea what her role is in TF2 (I assume NPC). But hey, that’s not stopping me from enjoying this awesome drawing of her sweet, round ass! And balls…oh those balls…

          Art by Art by Shadman ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Website ~ Tumblr

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            Date Night with Cid and Maria – Art by Majalis

            Shemale Hentai and Porn at

            “Alright, here, you do me, and I’ll do you,” she said, winking, and handing him the packet. He stared at it for a moment, then squeezed out a dollop, and rubbed it on the top of the condom currently adorning her schlong.

            “More than that, stupid,” she chided, so he squeezed out more, and then grabbed a handful and thoroughly coated her dipstick with it. “Okay, your turn,” she said, taking the packet from him, and pushing him down on the bed again before standing up. “Leg’s up.”

            Somewhat self-consciously, he lifted his legs, and she squeezed a dollop onto her finger again, and that finger went right where he expected. She rubbed his hole in a circle with it, then squeezed more on, and did it again… then slipped her fingertip inside. He was suddenly very glad that her nails were short. After a bit, she pulled her fingertip out, put more lube on… then dropped the lube packet on the bed, grabbed his rigid cock, and slipped her finger inside again… pushing it deeper and deeper, slowly, while stroking him, slowly, until it was all the way up to her knuckle. He moaned at the sensation of her stroking his cock, but his ass just felt… weird. The early touching had felt nice, but the sensation of the lube and her finger was hard to place. It didn’t take long for her to do something that made him change his mind about that, as he felt her touch something that made him tense up, and not in a bad way.

            “Hi there, Mr. Prostate. My name’s Maria. You and I are gonna be mejores amigos real soon.”

            She stroked his prostate gently, and his cock as well.

            Just when he was on the verge of cumming, she stopped stroking, then pulled her finger out.

            “You ready for me?”

            “Think so.”

            She climbed up onto the bed, pushing his legs up over his head, straddling his form, her plastic-wrapped cock resting over his hole and his own. She gazed at him with an intensity, and he steeled himself.

            “First time getting fucked for real?”


            “Alright, leave it to me. I’m gonna rock your world, papi. Leg’s up and spread – wide.” He obeyed, and she leaned over him. “Do me a favor? Close your eyes.”

            He obeyed, expecting her to insert herself when he did. Instead, he felt the softness of her lips on his, and opened his eyes. A single strand of saliva ran from her mouth to his, and her face was happy… and more than a little lustful.

            “Ready for me for real now?” she asked, softly.

            “Go for it.”

            “One Maria special, coming up,” she said… and… up it went, condom and all. It slipped in past his ring with a certain urgency he hadn’t been expecting, and let out a surprised, but subdued, “oh shit.”

            Aside from that initial sudden intrusion, it wasn’t really painful. The foreign entry was definitely… uncomfortable, was the word. A pressure that was insistent that he couldn’t really do anything about, and his body didn’t know how to handle.

            She’d barely gotten more than the head in when he felt it twitch which felt… good, on the one hand, and bad on the other, as it stretched his already beleaguered ring more, and suddenly, which caused him to cramp. The psychological effect was similarly twofold, on the one hand, knowing that she was throbbing with lust inside of him was… hot. Very hot. However, knowing that what she had inside of him was a very real, very hard penis made him feel… strange, at least.

            He’d never seen a girl as… visibly turned on, for obvious reasons.

            She held his legs up as she pressed her hips forward and dropped her weight onto him, sinking inch by inch more inside… she licked her lips as she penetrated him, and even reached down to give him a little… encouragement. Before she’d gotten all the way inside, she started to rock her hips gently back and forth… and, that was it, they were fucking. The uncomfortable pressure of her stabbing her cock into his guts was tempered by the feeling on his prostate, and the sensation quickly began to feel… pretty nice. Hearing her moan while laying her pipe into him was definitely a plus. Before he even realized it, she’d bottomed out, and he felt her nuts tap against his ass. And boy, did she have some nuts on her. He could tell she was full of spunk and was definitely not regretting making her wear a condom. He didn’t know what it felt like to have someone release a hot, thick nut in your stomach, but he had enough new experiences for one night.

            Of course, her sack resting on him meant that he spud was all the way the fuck up in there, and she didn’t seem in a hurry to change that. Every time she twitched or throbbed his bowels cramped hard, but he was able to cope with it. If anything, she was the one who looked like she was in agony, and he knew it was because she was holding back that urge he knew all too well to dump the contents of those little juevos of hers inside of him.

            Finally, it seemed like she’d fought off ejaculation long enough to pick up the pace, and started to deep dick him in shallow thrusts, while planting little kisses on his lips that he could barely register. Then, she started to fuck him to the heavy beat in her head, and he wasn’t sure if she was laying pipe or railroad tracks as she hammered it into him with reckless abandon. He was about to tell her that his rectum had feelings too, when she stopped, and slipped it out, slowly, to the tip.

            “Am I a bad bitch?” she asked, holding her cock with just the tip inside.

            “If I say you are, will you fuck like a bad bitch?”


            He took a look at her long one poised at the ready, and grinned. “The baddest bitch.”​

            – Majalis

            Click here to read the rest at Hentai Foundry

            Art and story by Majalis ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ Tumblr ~ Patreon

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