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Okay, so since Futanari Obsession and the Patreon will be taken down, Futa Fan has given me permission to post the Phantom Futa pictures we’ve commissioned over the years to my personal Hentai Foundry page. I’ll be putting them up there, complete with whatever written descriptions or short stories accompany them so that they will at least be visible somewhere online once the site is shut down.

And of course we have one more Phantom Futa picture that needs to go up. Courtesy of our Patreon backers. So stay tuned folks! We’re not quite done yet! 😉

– Rexxon

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    Futa Jungle Babe – Art by Anasheya

    Mii by Anasheya

    Wow! How’s this for a nostalgia boner?

    Anyone recognize this gal? This here is Mii from “Jungle de Ikou”! The story is that a schoolgirl transforms into a jungle fertility goddess to fight evil. Oh and to provide fanservice. Sweet, sweet fanservice!

    Of course as a fertility goddess it’s only proper that she get a mighty length of cockmeat and a pair of pendulous balls loaded with rich seed to match!

    Anasheya’s in fine form once again with this picture, bringing us bright colors, a gorgeous body and of course a lovely cock to worship!

    – Rexxon

    Art by Anasheya ~ Hentai Foundry

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      Grand Mistress Livia – Art by Botslim

      Grandmistress Livia by botslim

      So we’ve actually had a guest writer feature a pic of this fiery redhead before, but I honestly fell in love with her design so much I wanted to talk a little about her myself!

      As long-time readers of Futanari Obsession are no doubt aware, I have a serious weakspot for clothing/outfits/body-coverings that are either impractical or so revealing that they might as well not be there.

      So I’d say Mistress Livia’s choice of armor definitely tickles my fancies! Just leaving her perky tits and her lovely abs and those muscular thighs open for me to ogle :3

      But hey, at least she’s taking good care of her sword…and her penis too!

      Loving the crazy cock-armor she’s got on. Though I’d also love to take that armor off if I’m being honest 😉

      Badass, sexy, and leaving nothing to the imagination. Perhaps my favorite flavor of futa!

      – Rexxon

      Art by Botslim ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr
      Grand Mistress Livia belongs to Zero_one ~ Hentai Foundry

      Grandmistress Livia by botslim

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        On Display – Art by Albatross

        On Display by Albatross

        Dayum. That’s one hell of a show!

        Now I know that Albatross’ art isn’t to everyone’s taste but I hope you can at least appreciate the creative effort that went into this picture!

        There’s just layer upon layer of details in this picture.

        The sex-starved bimbo futa is of course the centerpiece. Her crazy dyed hair, the subtly-raised eyebrow, her pumped-up cocksucker lips pressing against the glass, her face just screams “you want to fuck me”.

        That’s not even getting into the way her fat tits are flattening against the glass, the nipple rings tied to condoms loaded with cum. Then there’s the giant pillar of cockmeat spewing jizz across the glass with the bundles of dollar bills tucked into her thong. Her sagging balls, still heavy with cum dangles near her towering heels.

        That’s not even getting into the sparkly Japanese words, the parted curtains, the buttplug, chain of anal beads, and filled condoms on the floor, and the faint pink glow outlining the shadowy audience. Or the fact that to the left and right of her, you can see that there are more “cells” that are probably holding more slutty specimens for the hungry crowd to eat up with their eyes!

        – Rexxon

        Art by Albatross ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr

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          Big Stinger – Art by EvilEyeXYZ

          Big Stinger (futa) by EvilEyeXYZ


          I absolutely love this gorgeous picture by EvilEye!

          I will admit that I’m a sucker for any kind of nostalgia. So seeing this old-school, pixellated style of art show up is absolutely amazing! Puts me in a Duke Nukem 3D, Doom sorta feel.

          Of course the subject matter doesn’t hurt either. I mean, just look at that body! Those killer high heels and those tight leggings that hug her all the way up to her thick thighs. Then that wonderful shelf of an ass that you could balance a beer can on. Those huge pillowy tits you could motorboat for hours.

          Oh and a nice veiny cock dripping with cum! It’s probably the only part of this girl that’s normal-sized but that’s just fine with me! Maybe it’ll actually fit in my mouth!

          – Rexxon

          Art by EvilEyeXYZ ~ Hentai Foundry

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            Peggy Bundy Sextape – Art by KinkyJimmy

            Peggy Bundy Sextape without nasty censorship! by KinkyJimmy

            We posted a censored version of this picture before, but it looks like KinkyJimmy released an uncensored one for us all to enjoy! So feast your eyes on this fine piece of nostalgia MILF booty!

            Butthole or balls? Or straight for the boner? Where you want to dive in first?

            – Rexxon

            Art by Kinky Jimmy ~ Hentai Foundry ~

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