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Three’s Company – Art by Evulchibi

Three's Company by Evulchibi

Mmmmph! It’s been a while since we’ve hosting some art from Evulchibi. Which is a damn shame because as you can see from this trio of gorgeous ladies, they are really good at drawing thick, cum-spraying, pussy-spreading dicks on chicks!

We’ve got Deyzi on the left, Esh in the middle and Syra on the right. And Esh is really getting pounded from both ends! Look at how wide her butthole and pussy have to stretch to fit those rockhard dicks!

Apparently these are all World of Warcraft characters but I couldn’t seem to find any info on them beyond the fact that they are smokin’ hot!

– Rexxon

Art by Evulchibi ~ Hentai Foundry

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    Multi-dicked cock-a-thrice Sera – Art by Mushroompus

    Sera by mushroompus

    Wow that’s a lotta dicks!

    Say hello to Sera! Apparently she’s a cock-a-thrice and no, I don’t think that is a misspelling of “cockatrice” 😉

    She’s got a trio of huge dicks and a sexual appetite to match. I hope those ladies she’s banging brought a bathtub of lube for their buttholes ’cause they are going to be stretchedddddddd open by those big fat cocks!

    – Rexxon

    Art by Mushroompus (aka Octomush) ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Patreon ~ Tumblr
    Sera belongs to Kdoggz ~ Hentai Foundry

    Sera 2 by mushroompus

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      Phantom Fallout – Art by 34san

      Phantom Fallout (clean)

      This artwork was funded by Patreon backers


      In the atomic wasteland of Omerika, there are whispers of a lone stranger who wanders from town to town.

      She wears a faded and dusty costume that might have once been a bold shade of blue, a relic of a brighter, happier time. A time of heroes…

      But there are no heroes now. And even the stranger in blue does not care for the lives of innocents. She drifts from settlement to settlement, claiming bystander and raider, dirt-farmer and bandit, women and men alike to satisfy her lust before moving on.

      All though of justice and heroism have long since faded from her mind and she now acts only for her own survival…


      Hey folks, long time no see! Sorry for the lack of updates but it’s been a crazy week!

      I’ve been in the middle of a move that’s eaten up pretty much all my time and Futa Fan’s been busy trying to find and hold down an IRL job and trying to fix some hosting issues that have been cropping up with the site.

      So we thank you for your continued patience and understanding while we both try to get our shit together XD

      In the meantime, enjoy this gorgeous Fallout-inspired pic of the Phantom Futa done by long-time futa art master 34san!

      – Rexxon

      Art by 34San ~ Hentai Foundry ~ TumblrComic Tumblr ~ Patreon

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        Futanari Nenette showing off her big ass – Art by C0RROS1ON

        Dickgirl Art by C0RROS1ON at

        Mmmm-mmmm-mmmm. What a tasty sight! Butthole to pussy to balls to cock to that puddle of jizz on the floor. I just want to run my tongue up and down allllllllllllllll that loveliness!

        That gorgeous PAWG booty deserves a few slaps too! And those mighty thunder thighs, giant milk jugs, and her sweet, adorable face! Plus the dusting of freckles all over her body to add to her cute yet slutty appearance!

        Magnificent work from Corrosion! Yummy, yummy work!

        – Rexxon

        Art by C0RROS1ON ~ Hentai Foundry

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          Francisca Valero fucked in the ass by a horse

          Dickgirl Hentai at

          Whoa now! There’s a gorgeous sight!

          Pretty lady with a phat booty getting freaky with a trio of horse dicks spewing hot white jizz all over her body! It’s only sweeter because of that meaty schlong she’s packing! Plus there’s those fat, tasty nuts coated in a freshly squeezed whipped-cum topping!

          Uh-oh, looks like we’ve missed a spot. Her face seems woefully clean of cum.

          Allow me to fix that! >:3

          – Rexxon

          Art by Mikiron ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ Tumblr
          Francisca Valero belongs to Francisca-Valero ~ Hentai Foundry

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            A devilish threesome – Art by Naavs

            Two devil shemales fucking a trap in the ass and her mouth - Shemale and Dickgirl Hentai at

            You know the old joke in cartoons where a little devil and a little angel appears on a character’s shoulders trying to convince them of what to do? This is kinda like that, but, you know, with two shemale devils. So basically Ashton doesn’t have a conscious lol.

            Fine by me. I love pieces of meat with loose morals. Especially when they have a big fat ass like this trap does here. My dick is getting hard just thinking about fucking that big, round beast. Hopefully one of those two devil dickgirls can fill my butt while I’m filling Ashton’s. Since I don’t have my own I devils I might as well use them.

            Art by Naavs ~ Hentai Foundry
            Characters belong to Ninja Oi ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr

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