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Elvira getting fucked by classic monster movie futanari babes

Elvira futanari orgy by Ultra Fem

CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

Ok, I know I just posted an Ultra Fem piece a couple days ago but come on, you don’t see images like this all the time. Elvira getting fucked by all the classic movie monsters (as busty futanari babes) is just too good to not post. Seriously, this is insanely fucking hot. Growing up in the 80’s I’ve had a serious hard-on for Elvira as long as I can remember. I met her once at some car show when I was 13 and couldn’t stop staring at her giant milky white tits. There can’t be enough Elvira porn in my opinion and that fact that this one features giant shemale cocks just makes it that much better.

On a side note – I had a reader correct me on the difference between “futanari” and “shemale” the other day. Thanks for your attention to detail and for reading my blog. I want to take this time to let everyone know that I do understand the difference between the two terms and there is a reason I use one over the other. Since Futanari Obsession and the other adult blogs I run are my only source of income I try to use specific micro-niche keywords as much as possible thus getting more search engine traffic. There are a million more “shemale” sites than “futanari” ones and I am trying to carve out my little corner of the interwebs. I hope everyone here understands and isn’t offended by my SEO transgressions ūüėČ

Art by Ultra Fem ~ Website

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    Milla Jovovich lets her big dick rest on Keira Knightley

    Shemale Milla Jovovich with a big dick and Keira Knightley spreading her pussy lips

    CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

    Holy shit this is an amazing picture. I don’t know which one is hotter – Milla Jovovich with her big dick and perky nipples or Keira Knightley in a naughty school girl outfit spreading her bald pussy. Tekuhonohabo did a phenomenal job with the likenesses of each character and, to be honest, I find myself staring at their faces more than what’s between their legs. That’s not really a bad thing but I would love to see a follow-up pic with Milla fucking Keira with her massive shemale cock. Trust me, if Tekuhonohabo creates one I will post it here! Until that day comes though we will all just have to use our imaginations but that shouldn’t be too hard I think.

    Tekuho No Habo ~

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      One of the Charmed sisters has a big secret

      Shemale Shannen Doherty in a Charmed threesome

      Charmed Threesome by Kinky Jimmy

      There is some sexy magic in the air thanks to Kinky Jimmy and his perverted rendering of the Charmed sisters. Oh wait, what’s this, one of them is actually a shemale with a huge cock? Why didn’t I know that before? Maybe I would have watched the show when it was on the air. Too bad Shannen Doherty isn’t the one getting fisted in the ass though, I heard she was a huge cunt in real life. That aside I love most anything Kinky Jimmy puts out because no one draws realistic looking shemales quite like him plus he is the one of the few futanari artists who’s style isn’t manga inspired. It’s nice to have a little change every now and then.

      Click here to see more shemale hentai by Kinky Jimmy at Transart Studio

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        Futanari Obsession Exclusive – Alt version of Evil Jessica vs Felicia by Ultra Fem

        Futanari Felicia from Darkstalkers getting her ass fucked by Futanari Jessica Rabbit

        CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

        Here’s a hot alternate version of Evil Futa Jessica Rabbit vs Futa Felicia by Lisa Hayes, aka¬†Ultra Fem, exclusively for Futanari Obsession. Thanks Lisa!!¬†In the original version Felicia didn’t have a giant dick spewing out a torrent of semen (see it here) as she gets fucked in the ass by Evil Jessica Rabbit. That’s a whole lot of dick right there! The look on Felicia’s face is a mixture of pleasure and pain but that’s to be expected when you have a futa dick of that magnitude pumping hot cum in your anus. Lisa excels at futanari hentai featuring famous cartoon and video game characters with big dicks and hard fucking! She does commissions too so if you have a favorite character that you want to see turned into a hot futa then she’s your girl. Hit her up!

        Art by Ultra Fem ~ Website

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          Jennifer Love Hewitt looks even better with a big dick

          Jennifer Love Hewitt with a big dick and a banana up her ass

          Shemale Jennifer Love Hewitt by Kinky Jimmy

          Back before she started packing on the weight Jennifer Love Hewitt was the hottest chick around. I used to have a huge crush on her – hell, I still do! I can honestly say though that she looks much better with a big cock between her legs and a banana up her ass. I’m not sure how I feel about the candle in her dick-hole but I guess some people might like it. Is that some sort of fetish that I don’t know about? It looks like it would hurt! Aside from my fetish confusion I love the rest of the image. Kinky Jimmy really nailed the likeness of Jennifer Love Hewitt in her prime – when she was still thin with big natural breasts! If only she had a big shemale cock in real life for me to play with but alas that fantasy will have to remain in hentai form.

          Click here to see more celebrity shemale cartoons by Kinky Jimmy

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            Amy Pond getting fucked in the ass by futanari Jenny

            Amy Pond getting fucked in the ass by futanari Jenny from Dr. Who

            CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

            Oh shit this is a sexy rendering by Oni. For those that don’t know; Amy Pond is the redhead getting blasted in the ass by Jenny and both of these characters are from the Dr. Who TV show. Now that you know the set up you can concentrate on rubbing one out. I absolutely love the facial expression on Jenny, you don’t usually see that much emotion in a single illustration – she looks like she is in complete ecstasy as she cums in Amy Pond’s tight ass. Oni is an amazing artist that doesn’t necessarily specialize in futanari renderings but whenever he does they are top notch. Go ahead and hit him up for a futa commission, his prices are very good and his quality is¬†phenomenal.

            Click here to see more hentai by Oni

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