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Poison pile driving Chun-Li by Sparrow

Street Fighter x Tekken futanari hentai

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Like yesterday’s Mass Effect 3 post, today’s feature is a commemorative piece. This time we are celebrating the release of Street Fighter X Tekken (one day late) with this awesome pic by Sparrow. I have absolutely no interest in playing that game other than the fact that Poison is in it and she looks fucking hot!

Even if I did want to check out Street Fighter X Tekken I’m kinda annoyed by the whole DLC scam Capcom has going on. In case you didn’t hear, a whole bunch of soon-to-be-released characters are on the actual disc. So people are going to have to pay extra for something they already have in their possession. Capcom claims it’s for compatibility reasons but that’s bullshit – Mortal Kombat released paid DLC characters and if you didn’t want to buy them you could download a free patch so you could play against people online that had the DLC characters. Oh and Mortal Kombat gave the player free costumes when they downloaded said patch. Fuck Capcom.

Ok, I might have gotten a little off topic there. Just because I don’t want to support Capcom by buying Street Fighter X Tekken doesn’t meant that I don’t love this pic. Sparrow did an outstanding job and you guys should show him some love on his Hentai Foundry page. New Poison pics should always be supported, she is our niche’s mainstream mascot after all.

Click here to see more hentai by Sparrow at Hentai Foundry

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    Futanari Mai and Chun-Li cumming by Mizuburasi

    Futanari Mai and Chun-Li cumming by Mizuburasi

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    Aside from the obvious this pic caught my eye because those codpieces kinda remind me of the one Phantom Futa wears (minus the anal plug part). This gives me an idea for a future commission – A Phantom Futa codpiece technical study. Sort of a way to show how the whole thing works.  That would be kinda cool right? I’ll have to look into that but until then I am definitely gonna be jerking off to this amazing piece by Mizuburasi.

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