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Bunni and Caprice – Surprise on the Runway

Futanari Hentai by Ecchi-Star at

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image

Bunni surprises the gorgeous supermodel futanari Caprice with a cock of her own – a massive horse cock ready to plunge into Caprice’s ass!

– Ecchi-Star

That’s what I call a stage show! I would love to have been in the front row of that. Preferably close enough to get a face full of Caprice’s tasty jizz. Or Bunni’s, once she pulls that massive horse cock out of Caprice’s ass, of course.

If you like what you see here then you gotta check out the other versions in the Cutepet member section. There’s a nude version, non-x-ray, etc- the list goes on. Plus, as you can see below, there’s a pretty long story accompanying this piece. It’s pretty fucking hot. You wouldn’t want to miss that, now would you?

Shortly after arriving at the show, Tess made her way to the ladies room. She was alone, and the resounding click of her heels against the tile floor echoed the beating of her heart in her ears. She had never used the virus to grow a cock in public, let alone such a meaty one. She hoped that she’d be able to keep everything hidden until she was ready to reveal it to Caprice, but she couldn’t be sure that she could. Regardless, she had come too far with her plan to back out now, so she entered into a stall and took the vial and syringe from her clutch. She drew the liquid out of the vial and injected it into her arm. Even though she knew that no one would be surprised at a used syringe being found in close proximity to a bunch of models, she carefully capped the needle and returned it to her clutch. Exiting the stall, she checked her hair and makeup one last time in the bathroom mirror before heading for her seat.

Tess strode confidently into the show hall but was still surprised to see her name on a seat on the front row where Claire was standing. Upon seeing Tess at the door, Claire perked up and waved excitedly. Tess smiled and waved back on her way to the seat. When she got there, she gave Claire a hug and kissed her squarely on the lips. This was a bit more than a greeting kiss though. Tess’s lips lingered, waiting until Claire returned her affection. When she broke the kiss, Claire blushed brightly and giggled. “Ms. Harper, I wish you wouldn’t do that in public.”

Tess gave a dismissive wave of her hand before responding, “Claire, that was nothing. I could have pressed the issue and gotten you to lose control completely. After all, I know your weaknesses.”

Click here to read the rest of the story at

Art by Ecchi-Star ~
Bunni (aka Tess Harper) and Caprice Belanger belong to

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    Random Acts of Tentacle – Mass Erect

    Random Acts of Tentacle - Mass Erect

    CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image at

    I don’t know how many of you follow the ‘Random Acts of Tentacle’ comic series by Tentacle Monster Chu at but they are pretty freakin’ awesome. I posted one before called Time Stop and Bop that a lot of you seemed to like but let me tell you, this one is hotter! The second page was just released on the site and if you are a member you should definitely go check it out.

    Now don’t get mad but I can’t post the second part of the comic. That’s because there would be no need for anyone to sign up to CutePet and thus I wouldn’t make money on the sale, money that I use to pay for Futanari Obsession’s server and commission Phantom Futa pics with. I’m just putting that out there because I do get a lot of emails asking me why I don’t post every picture Dmitrys or Reiq or someone has on their site. Really? Come on.

    When I do make an obvious advertisement feature like this one I try to at least make it a post worth reading and I try not to hide the fact that it is what it is. Plus by now you guys should know that I don’t promote websites that I don’t personally believe in myself and I definitely believe in CutePet. If you like what you see I encourage you to sign up to CutePet and check out the second part of ‘Mass Erect’, you’ll be supporting two great websites!

    Click here to read part 2 at

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      Time Stop and Bop part 1 by Tentacle Monster Chu hentai

      CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image at

      For those of you that don’t know, Tentacle Monster Chu has a section on called “Random Acts of Tentacle” where he posts comic strips and whatnot. Not everything he does is futanari related but all of it is awesome. The pic above is part 1 of a comic series called “Time Stop and Bop” where a sexy futa can stop time when she gets horny. Obviously hijinks ensue. Part 2 is in the member section of and there might be more to come if the series is well received. If you like what you see then show your support by signing up to if you haven’t already. All proceeds go to a good cause – supporting our hard working hentai artists!

      Click here to read part 2 at

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        Bunni’s Anal Drilling by Ecchi-Star for Studio Cutepet

        Bunni's Anal Drilling by Ecchi-Star for Studio Cutepet

        CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image at

        I don’t know why but for some reason I always seem to forget that Studio Cutepet has some pretty awesome futanari hentai. So of course when I logged into the site today I was blown away by the image you see above. God damn that’s fucking hot! And guess what? There’s an awesome story to go with it!

        Caprice reached up to free her own breasts as she continued to thrust powerfully into Bunni. She fondled her own breast with one hand and one of Bunni’s with another. On the bed, Bunni gazed up at Caprice and moaned with pleasure each time Caprice drove her massive cock deep into her, encouraging Caprice to continue hammering with her frantic rhythm and powerful strokes. Both women were fully lost in the moment. Bunni had not been this thoroughly turned on in a long time. She was so wet that even Caprice felt little resistance, Bunni’s pussy regularly tightened around her cock as she was lost in the throes of pleasure.

        Despite the fun she was having, Caprice wanted something a little different. She fully retracted her cock after yet another deep thrust. With little warning, she pulled Bunni off the bed. She motioned for Bunni to lie on the ground, and as soon as she did, Caprice used Bunni’s legs to pull her pelvis off the ground and closer to her. She again teased Bunni’s pussy with her fingers, but this time to get her fingers slick with Bunni’s juices. She looked down at Bunni from above and licked her ring finger clean, savoring Bunni’s taste. She used her other two fingers to probe at Bunni’s other hole. She continued to use the wetness from Bunni’s dripping pussy to moisten her opening. Once she was satisfied she had gotten enough of the slick fluids onto Bunni’s ass, she eased her massive cock into her tight hole.

        On the ground, Bunni grimaced through the pain as her hole stretched to allow Caprice’s member. Though she was no stranger to anal sex, rarely had she taken a cock as large as Caprice’s, especially with just her own natural lubricant. She knew that this would pass and was thankful that Caprice was being gentle now.

        Once she had entered Bunni fully, she began to slowly thrust, enjoying the sensation of the tight hole around her cock. She searched Bunni’s face, looking for the point where the discomfort would turn into pleasure. Once she saw that, she intended to speed her thrusts. After a few minutes of gentle motion, she saw Bunni relax and begin to enjoy their coupling. Caprice begin to push harder and faster, making sure not to push too far too fast.

        That was just a small portion of the overall story, trust me there is a lot more to read and there’s another pic in the series!

        For those that aren’t familiar with Studio Cutepet be aware that the site isn’t 100% futanari hentai like DmitrysFuta is but they definitely have more dickgirl pics than Reiq does at JigglyGirls. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

        Click here to read the full story written by Hyperoptic at

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          Shaak Ti stroking Ahsoka’s cock by Cutepet

          Shaak Ti stroking Ahsoka's cock by Cutepet

          CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image at

          Today I am trying something a little different. If you read MPL Toons then you know I posted the non-futa version of this piece featuring Shaak Ti and Ahsoka Tano by Cutepet. The reason for this little experiment is simple – I love both versions and since I am in a unique position (having both a hentai and a futa blog) I want to expose as many people as possible to Cutepet’s amazing artwork. You can read all about my thoughts on the beauty of this illustration at MPL Toons so instead I would like to talk about the contrast between this piece and yesterday’s pic.

          Art vs Porn. Sensual vs Vulgar. “Shaak Ti stroking Ahsoka’s cock” vs “Two goth shemales fucking by Devil HS”. Both of these renderings do the job of turning me on but in completely different ways. Neither one is right and neither one is wrong it’s all a matter of preference and mood. Sometimes I want to see hardcore fucking and sometimes I want to see sensual erotica. I love the fact that back-to-back both (today’s and yesterday’s) posts represent two sides of the cartoon porn spectrum united by the common theme of “futanari”. This is why I am drawn to hentai – The diversity. Anything is possible and every niche serves a purpose. Plus you can indulge all fantasies without anyone getting hurt in the process. Hentai FTW!

          So what do you think? Do you like sensual hentai or the hardcore hentai? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

          Click here to see more futanari hentai at

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            Futanari Rogue fucking futanari Mystique by Cutepet

            Futanari Rogue fucking futanari Mystique by Cutepet

            CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image Exclusively At

            This picture is seriously a dream come true. I’ve been a Marvel guy since I was about 5 and pretty much grew up reading nothing but The Punisher and Uncanny X-Men (hey remember the villains the Reavers from the early 80’s? They were my favorite. Old school reference, yea baby!). In fact the very first piece of hentai I ever owned was a pinup of Rogue flashing her tits by some unknown artist at a comic convention in Silver Spring, Maryland – I bought this 10 minutes prior to purchasing Sapphire #1 by Barry Blair for Aircel Comics (another old school reference!!). That information combined with how much you know I love Mystique (especially of you read my mainstream cartoon blog illustrates why this is rendering by Cutepet is a dream come true. Ok, I might be rambling a little bit today due to the jet lag…

            On to the picture! Christ, where do I start? There’s just too much win here. Well I know a lot of you prefer actual futas to the shemale variety with balls so this one’s for you. I love the submissive look on Mystique’s face while Rogue holds her leg up and thrusts. Cutepet’s style is tight, clean, and absolutely erotic but the icing on the cake has to be the facial Mystique is giving herself. My only question is (besides the logistics of Rogue’s skin touching Mystique) is, can I be the one to clean up the semen on the Danger Room floor? 🙂

            Click here to see more futanari hentai at

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