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Come Take A Seat by Dmitrys

Come Take A Seat by Dmitrys

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I realized today that I haven’t posted a Dmitrys pin-up in a while so I figured it was a good time to correct that oversight. This piece, appropriately titled ‘Come Take A Seat’, is sort of a filler pic while he works on the next ‘Creamy Ranch’ series entry…I think. I don’t have a direct line to Dmitrys brain or anything, it’s more of an educated guess.

So I know the proverbial elephant in the room is Dmitrys’ lack of updates in the member section of his site. Honestly I can see both sides of the argument, and I’m not really going to weigh in on it, but I will say this: I have never seen an artist get blasted with so many negative comments, on their own site even, like Dmitrys does. Damn. Usually people just cancel their membership but those guys (some of which are my readers) are really vocal. It’s quite interesting to read some of the comment threads as there are both haters and supporters making pretty good arguments for each side.

I would like to point out that this piece, like all of Dmitrys’ renderings, is fucking amazing. Seriously, no one creates shemale hentai of this caliber. Do I wish Dmitrys was faster and had a new pic every week? Sure. Would I want that if it meant his quality suffered? No. That’s just me though (Derp. I guess I did kind of weigh in, oh well). Like Wolverine, Dmitrys is still the best there is at what he does…even if it takes a little longer.

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    Private school futa getting milked by a busty nurse – Dmitrys

    Private school futa getting milked by a busty nurse - Dmitrys

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    This is probably one of my all time favorite pics by Dmitrys. I don’t think I really have to you all how hot it is since you can see for yourself but come on…God damn! Just look at the nurse’s massive jugs, I would give anything to have her “relieve” me right about now. Man, and just look all that cum the poor schoolgirl had building up in side of her. Impressive! Seriously, what’s not to like about this pic? Plus for those of you that like a story to accompany their hentai check out the excerpt below (the full story is in the members section). Enjoy!

    Nurse Adele reached under the milking station and gently tugged the wire free of the motor. She dusted off her hands, making her massive breasts wobble gently in the tight white uniform stretched over them.

    Without the motor running, the milking stations were simply soft plastic tubes, with none of the delicious vibration or squeezing action that the dickgirl students had come to enjoy. That meant that they would have to be stimulated manually, a task the busty nurse had come to relish.

    Watching the girls hump away at the machines had its appeal, no doubt about it. Most of the girls didn’t care who was watching as they energetically pounded into the sturdy machines. However, there was nothing so appealing to Adele as feeling an eager young cock bucking and spurting in her hands.

    She heard the door open and quickly straightened, adjusting her glasses, trying to appear casual.

    “Hello? Nurse?”

    Adele saw it was Pauline, one of her favorites, a cute pigtailed pixie with luxurious red hair and a hair-trigger libido. She hid her excitement behind a mask of motherly concern as the girl shuffled into the milking room, tugging her skirt down over a throbbing lump between her legs. Her cheeks were red with embarassment.

    “Dios Mio, girl, what happened?” Adele asked, approaching the student.

    “Mrs. Cho dropped her chalk,” Pauline explained breathlessly. “When she bent down, I-I could see her garters…” Adele caught Pauline’s eyes roving her body. It wasn’t hard to see why. Adele wore a uniform that clung to her every curve, leaving an impressive amount of cleavage on display. She hardly wore a bra, so her nipples made fat little tents in the fabric. And her skirt rode high on her broad hips, exposing the ribbons holding up her stockings. Pauline groaned in a mixture of agony and pleasure as her eyes moved from Adele’s legs to her cleavage.

    “Oh dear, were you rubbing yourself in class?” Adele asked. “Is that why you were sent down here?” Pauline shook her head.

    “What was it? You can tell me,” Adele pressed. She lowered her voice. “Were you dry-humping your desk mate again?”

    “Y-yeah,” Pauline mumbled. Adele bit her lip to keep from squealing in glee. Instead, she squeezed Pauline’s hand and patted her on the bottom as she guided her to a milking station.

    “Let’s get you fixed up right away, honey,” Adele purred, bringing over a tray with a tube of lubricant and a box of latex gloves.

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      Muscular Meryl getting her dick sucked by Dmitrys

      Muscular Meryl getting her dick sucked while working out by Dmitrys

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      I don’t know if you guys saw this latest pic of Dmitrys’ original character Meryl on his website but it definitely sparked some debate. In an effort to make her a little more unique Dmitrys decided to buff her up a bit so here she is working out whilst getting her beautiful cock sucked off (side note – you need to see the level of detail that he put into the saliva on her dick, it’s amazing).

      Some people weren’t too thrilled with the amount of muscle mass Meryl has put on but other people seem to love it. Me personally, I thought her body was perfect before (see it here) but that’s not to say I can’t or haven’t rubbed one out to this piece. While I am not a huge fan of very muscular woman I still think Meryl is hot as hell thanks to Dmitrys’ amazing level of quality and talent.

      I find it interesting though that the change to her character caused so much debate. It’s funny but sometimes I don’t think artists realize that fans form an attachment to their characters and thus need to become responsible custodians of these characters. Buuuut on the other hand Dmitrys created Meryl and can technically do what ever he wants with her. All of these things aren’t unique to hentai artists, George Lucas has been getting backlash for years from his fans for the changes he makes but without him there would never be a Star Wars to begin with.

      What do you guys think? Do you like the new Meryl or her older version? Is Dmitrys allowed to mess with characters that fans love or is he responsible for keeping them the same forever? Leave a comment below and feel free to debate the shit out of this!

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        Busty Shemale Meryl cumming all over her laptop by Dmitrys

        Busty Shemale Meryl cumming all over her laptop by Dmitrys

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        God damn! This pic of Meryl jerking off on her laptop became an instant favorite of mine. Can you imagine walking into an internet cafe and seeing this wonderful sight? I would get a nose bleed and immediately pass out whilst cumming in my pants all at the same time. I can’t tell you how many times I have busted a nut to this image since I first saw it.

        I have always loved Dmitrys’ original character, Meryl and this piece just rocked my fucking world! I really like the “Cam Show” series he has going on his website where members can vote on the next illustration but it’s definitely nice to see an different scene thrown into the mix now and again. It’s also amazing to see Dmitrys grow as an artist. There’s never been any doubt that he was the best futa artist in the world but what’s really remarkable is that he keeps getting better! That’s the sign of a true professional – Dmitrys is always striving to improve himself and his style. If you haven’t already joined his site,, I really recommend doing so. It’s money well spent and it helps keep this talented artist in business.

        Below is an excerpt from the accompanying story, members get access to the full story and full size pic.

        Meryl strode into the internet cafe with a sour expression and slapped a ten-dollar bill on the counter. She was so annoyed she didn’t even bother trying to sweet-talk a free session out of the skinny teen working the register, even though his eyes were glued to the contours of her big tits heaving beneath her stretched-out top.
        “Just gimme two hours and stop staring, kid,” she sneered, snatching the ticket out of his hand. She walked past the rows of monitors, pulled a stool up to one of the tables and opened her laptop.

        “Can’t believe I have to use a goddamned internet cafe just to check my e-mail,” she grumbled, running a hand through her platinum blonde hair as the system booted up. The internet at home seemed to slow to a dead crawl lately, so she borrowed Peach’s laptop before she left for work. Meryl frowned and scratched at a smudge on the monitor. “Ugh! The little slut probably uses this for his jackoff material. Probably girls chugging horse cock or Japanese tentacle cartoons or something.”

        She started up the internet browser and moved the cursor around the interface. “Argh, this is stupid. With the way Peach set up the computer at home, all I have to do is click on ‘e-mail’ and it pops up–” She clicked on the “Last Page Visited” tab and a window opened. She stared, mouth agape, as she saw three cute looking girls abusing an older woman. The sound was off and the angle and lighting was poor enough so that their faces were obscured, but it was clear that all of them had cocks! Meryl watched as the one dressed in a nurse outfit seemed to be the most aggressive towards the older woman, groping, slapping and spitting on her.

        “Oh, is this what he likes to watch? It isn’t so bad,” Meryl said, feeling a twitch in her shorts where her own cock lay tucked. “Still, I better talk with him later…” She glanced over at the scrolling text next to the video window.

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          Peach and Aunt Charlie fucking by Dmitrys

          Peach and Aunt Charlie Cam Show by Dmitrys

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          I’m not sure if you guys have been following the Peach Cam Show series on Dmitrys’ website,, but it’s pretty cool and very original. For those that don’t know, for the past 9 weeks members vote on what happens to Peach next and then Dmitrys draws it! How cool is that? I’ve seen hentai artists allow fans to vote on pics but I have never seen a complete series like this done. It’s a testimony to Dmitrys dedication and professionalism that he has kept the Peach Cam Show going this long.

          The pic featured above is #7 in the series (side note – Peach shoved anal beads in Aunt Charlie’s pee hole in a previous update hence why her cock looks bumpy). Right now #9 is online and you can vote for what happens next in #10. Dmitrys doesn’t leave the voting open for very long because he has to have time to work on the piece before next weekend but if you miss the vote for #10 there will probably be one for #11. Or fuck voting and just enjoy the show lol. Either way it’s a win/win!

          Click here to see more exclusive shemale hentai by Dmitrys

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            Agent Helix fucked by a futanari nurse –

            Agent Helix fucked by a futanari nurse

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            Man, I don’t even know where to begin with this piece by Dmitrys. It’s absolutely stunning! Of course you probably already figured that out for yourself by now. Actually I’m pretty sure you knew the level of quality you were getting right when you read the title of this post! So what can I say about Dmitrys that hasn’t already been said on Futanari Obsession or some other futa blogs? I’m not sure but I’ll give it my best shot…

            The one thing that I find the most interesting about Dmitrys’ artwork is how ripped the characters are but yet still manage to be feminine. If anyone else drew muscles like that on a woman (or futa) they would just look like a dude with a wig. It’s a fine line but Dmitrys walks it with absolute ease. I do realize that while I’m looking at the muscles most everyone else is looking at the globs of semen being deposited in Agent Helix’s vagina. I don’t blame you, no one draws cum better than Dmitrys that’s for sure. I love how it’s splattering all over the nurse’s leg and on the ground around her feet. Now that’s some impressive attention to detail!

            “What– what is this?” she gasped in a moment of lucidity.

            “Still having difficulty figuring it out?” the nurse patted Helix’s cheek sympathetically. “Poor girl.” Helix could smell her cunt on the nurse’s fingers. She resisted the urge to turn her head and suck her pussy juice from the redhead’s glove.

            The nurse leaned in and pressed her lips to Helix’s as if in imitation of the video playing out silently on screen. Helix responded in kind, kissing, licking and sucking at the nurse’s lips and tongue. The nurse grunted in exertion and Helix felt something prod her in the leg. Helix wasn’t paying attention until the nurse broke the kiss and grabbed her by the hips, lifting her off the padded table. Whatever it was nudged against Helix’s pussy.

            “Let me give you a demonstration,” The nurse purred. Helix looked down to see a thick cock, slick with pussy juice, jutting out of the nurse’s cunt. Helix gasped as the nurse rolled her hips forward, pushing the slimy member into her. Helix moaned in delight. She wasn’t sure why or how the nurse had a cock, but she wanted it, and she was getting it!

            “Oh god….!!” Helix moaned, rolling her hips against the Nurses dick, loving the feel of it sliding ever deeper into her! “It’s sooo biiig….” she panted as the nurse began thrusting into her harder. “More, more, fuck meee!!!”

            “Little slut… you break easier every time… hahhh, I’ll teach you what it means to defy Mistress XXX!” The nurse sneered as she thrust her cock into Helix’s slippery hole. “When I’m finished with you, you’ll be nothing but a sniveling little whore who’ll suck any dick that gets in her way!”

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              Punk chick jerking off a futa cop by Dmitrys

              Punk chick jerking off a futa cop by Dmitrys

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              Sometimes I just can’t believe the amount of detail Dmitrys puts into his drawings. The tattoos, the graffiti, the lipstick marks…everywhere you look there’s something new. There aren’t too many artists (hentai or mainstream) that spend this much time on the details but it’s these little touches that add up and allow the viewer to be completely immersed in the scene. When I look at this pic I can almost hear the sound of the city in the background, I can almost smell Wendy’s sweet sweat, I can almost taste her cum in the air. All of this is possible because of all the little details Dmitrys takes the time execute – That and the awesome story that accompanies the piece…

              Sparrow grunted as she pulled her cuffed hands under her butt and wriggled her legs through. Now that they were in front of her she could work on them quicker.
              “Just nicked a fuckin’ carton of fags,” she muttered, picking at the cuffs with a safety pin. “Fuckin’ pigs.” She was squatting in the shadows of a subway platform. Luckily, it was 3AM, so she didn’t see a single person around. Her ears picked up the clack-clack-clack of heels on stone. That cop was still after her!

              Police Officer Wendy Boothe puffed as she trotted down the stairs, one hand on the rail. She had no idea someone could run so fast when their hands were cuffed. Now her quarry was trapped here in the station. Her heart pounded as she crept onto the subway platform. The thrill of the chase exhilarated her. She took her pistol from her holster, knowing that things could easily turn violent with a punk like her perp.

              Wendy caught a glimpse of movement and swung her aim towards it. An arm snapped out of the shadows like a striking snake and a metal cuff latched to her wrist. She gasped in surprise and her arm was dragged behind her. Her gun clattered to the floor as her other wrist was caught by strong fingers. The other cuff hooked round her wrist. She struggled vainly and realized she’d been handcuffed to a graffiti-covered pipe like a rookie.

              Her eyes fell on her attacker as she picked up Wendy’s gun. It was the blonde punk she’d booked for shoplifting! The tough-looking girl’s body was criscrossed with leather straps over her grimy shirt and scandalously short shorts. A spiked dog collar wrapped around her neck and an anarchist “A” was shaved in the stubble on her head. Intricate tattoos crawled down her arms and legs, partially obscured by layers of ripped fishnets and opaque tights. She wore a pair of scuffed clodders on her feet. Everywhere were buttons, logos, spikes, chains and rings. Wendy was shocked and ashamed that someone with so much jingling adornment could get the drop on her. Her eyes widened as the girl picked up the gun.

              “How– how did you get out of my handcuffs?” Wendy demanded, her voice cracking.

              “I’m Harry fucking Houdini, that’s how,” the girl drawled, checking the sights on the gun. She slowly swung it towards Wendy’s head.

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                Shemale sisters Emily and Scarlet fucking by Dmitrys

                Shemale sisters Emily and Scarlet playing after school by Dmitrys

                See The Full Sized Image and 2 Alternate Versions At

                I don’t know what I like more, incest hentai or futanari hentai – How about both together! Nothing fucking beats teenage shemale incest and this latest pic/story by Dmitrys is a prime example why. You’ve seen Emily and Scarlet before (here’s one of Scarlet getting her face fucked my Meryl) but this rendering of them together is probably one of my favorite pieces Dmitrys has ever created. Emily and Scarlet’s pose, the gorgeous colors, and the condom full of semen – Nothing is taken for granted and every little detail is lovingly rendered. This is what sets Dmitrys apart from the pack, the whole image is as amazing as the sum of its parts. Beautiful.

                Side note – Yes, one of the two alternate versions in the members section of is Emily’s self facial from the condom bursting. Hot!

                Emily stared at the photo. April had a thick dick in her fist and was licking it like it was a popsicle. Her eyes glared out of the photo and Emily could feel herself getting hard as she imagined April obscenely lathering her cock with her tongue.

                “Good, good,” Scarlett purred. “Think about April’s smooth skin. The way her boobs sway when she rocks back and forth. She wants you, baby. She’s hot and wet and horny for you…” She continued, murmuring like a phone sex hostess how luscious April’s body was and how good her pussy would feel around Emily’s cock.

                Emily panted as her mind conjured the images. She picked up another photo, this one shot from behind. April’s rear filled the frame. Her fingers dug into the flesh of her butt, holding it apart to show off the crinkled brown pucker of her asshole and the glistening pink folds of her cunt. Emily’s cock bobbed to full erection as she gazed longingly at the picture.

                “Here it comes,” Scarlett declared. Emily moaned as warm, wet softness engulfed her cock. “April groans as your dick slides inside her. She stats to move back and forth…”

                The feeling was unlike anything she’d experienced. It slid up and down her erection with even, regular strokes. Emily squeezed her eyes shut and reveled in the sensation for a few moments. She picked up another picture, one where April had just taken a hot load of cum to the face, and pictured that it was her sperm that dripped from April’s cheeks and chin.

                “Okay, April’s feeling a little kinky,” Scarlett narrated. “She reaches around and you feel something poking at your butt.” There was a hard thing prodding at Emily’s anus.

                “Huh?” Emily gasped. She saw Scarlett rubbing the knobby dildo between her butt-cheeks, smearing lube on the rim of her hole. “Uh, I’m not…”

                “Just relax! It’ll feel real good,” Scarlett added with a grin. She pushed the toy down slow, penetrating her sister with ease. Emily whined at the dual sensation of fucking and getting fucked. As if Scarlett could read her mind, she said, “Maybe if you ask Peach real nice, he’ll fuck you while you fuck April. Oop! I felt a twitch. Sounds like you like that idea.”

                “Y-yes!” Emily cried as her sister stirred the dildo around. All this was too much.

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