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Sexy Black Cat by Funeralwind

Futanari Obsession

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This kitty makes her own milk! 😀

Now while Selina Kyle will always remain the cat-themed thief of choice for me, I must say Felicia Hardy and her hard-on are looking fine. That sling bikini is being stretched to the breaking point by her jumbo-sized jugs and big lickable nipples! It’s also getting tugged down by her curvaceous ass and drawn up tight around her taut ballsack! Those nuts look ready to burst! Or should I say, “burst again”? That condom looks like she’s already blown a HUGEEEE load of cum. Her cock’s still going strong though, so I’d say she’s got a few more loads left in her!

Top off her ridiculously useless outfit and sexy bod with a pretty face and pouty, cocksucker lips? It’s almost enough to make Miss Hardy the new top cat on my list….Almost.

– Rexxon

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